Comparison between LED Panel Light & LED Downlight

Comparison between LED Panel Light & LED Downlight

You always wonder which LED is the best one in the market. Which one has the best material? Which LED light is the most efficient? Which LED throws out the best light? They all are so good and long lasting that it gets hard for the buyer to compare which one is better. Well, we will answer all your questions. We are going to compare most common types of the LEDs which are the LED Panel lights and the LED Downlight. Below are some factors on which we have compared both of the LED lights. Have a look.


A diffuser and aluminum frame is present in both of them so that they can spread out light but the LED panel light uses a light guide plate. It helps in guiding the light across the panel so that it spreads clearly and evenly. It is attached to a reflecting film which helps the light to reflect well. When we talk about the Downlight LED, it has none of these. It just has an aluminum frame with a PCB board with the heat sink. So, the LED Panel light has more features as compared to the LED Downlight.


This is a mandatory factor that everyone looks out for when they are willing to buy a LED light. It plays a very important part both in lights and in the social world as well. Talking about the LED Panel, it is fitted around like a circular frame and most of the LED panel lights are using side lighting technology . An light guiding plate and the diffuser plate get together and collect the light creating a very soft light in the room.

When we talk about the LED Downlight, it is back lighting. It has a LED in the middle of it because of which it produces brighter light as compared to the LED Panel light, but the light was not soft and friendly to human eyes.


There is no problem when it comes to touching a LED as they are cooler as compared to the normal light bulbs. It is because they do not produce any infrared radiation out of them. They have the capacity to keep the unwanted heat within them as they all come with a heat sink. The function of the heat sink is heat dispensation. After you have compared both of the lights you will realize that Downlight’s heat sink is thicker as compared to the LED Panel’s.


The LED panel has a firm body. When we talk about the LED Downlight, it uses an aluminum fuselage tempered glass cover, the surface electrostatic dispersion. The mentioned equipment used in this is eco-friendly types of equipment.

There you go; we have now mentioned all the pros and cons of both of the lights. It is now up to you to decide which light is the best for you and which one is the best overall. If you want to know more about them, you can visit . We have a variety of lights and they will guide and tell you which one is the best for your market.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right LED Panel Light

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right LED Panel Light

Whether it is a commercial or residential setting, LED panel lights are becoming more common than bulbs or tube lights. The panels are generally more aesthetic and provide better lighting. Illuminating a certain location effectively requires to have the light distributed evenly across the area. If one uses just bulbs or tube lights, they are likely to use more than one in a particular setting. This means that the luminous efficacy is low and more energy is wasted. With LED panel lights, one can use fewer installations but get better lighting. Therefore, energy saving is enhanced.

On the other hand, these LED panel lights are available in different shapes and sizes. If you can find the right LED panel light manufacturer, you can even have preferred customization for the panels.

Another thing to know is that not all LED panel lights provide the same efficiency. You will have to consider certain factors including the LED panel light manufacturer.

Here is what you should know before you buy LED panel lights:

Light Efficiency

It is not just the size and shape of the LED panel light that decides the amount of efficacy. The technology used will also affect it. There are still brands in the market that are using older technologies, which don’t have the amount of efficiency latest technologies offer. You will find such panels to be cheaper but it is not cost-effective in the long term. Buy from a LED panel light manufacturer that uses the best and latest technology to save money in the long run.

Lumens per Watt

This is not just technical information about a LED light panel. High panel lumens mean high light output. When you divide this by the power or watts, you can calculate the efficiency of the LED panel on your own.

Dimming and Emergency Features

Some LED panel lights come with readily installed dimmer drivers and emergency function. The dimmer allows controlling the output of light. This is great for commercial settings where one may need to reduce the light in case of projector presentations. It can also be used at homes if lights are needed during the day.

The emergency feature is convenient in case of power failures. LED panels installed near and inside exits or escape routes should have such a feature. It is also convenient to generally maintain visibility during sudden failures.

Color of the Light

LED panel lights are available in a range of colors just like bulbs. A natural white, cool white, and warm white are common options. The color temperature can be determined by the number of Kelvins mentioned. You can choose the color depending on what the use or preference is.

Choosing the Manufacturer

The quality of LED panel light is greatly dependent on what brand you use. When you are buying the panels, do your research in order to find a reputable LED panel light manufacturer. Popular brands may be expensive but they offer a quality that lasts. Billionaire Lighting Co.,Ltd offer reliable quality LED panel lights at competitive price with CE, SAA, UL certificates approved. If you have interests in our LED panel lights, please feel free to contact us with email : [email protected] .

Why Is Ceiling LED Panel Light The Best Choice

Why Is Ceiling LED Panel Light The Best Choice?

Are you wondering why you should invest in a ceiling LED panel light? In recent times, LED panel lights have gained popularity rapidly because they are energy efficient. The LED panel lights are environmentally-friendly, which helps in saving energy and increases efficacy.

Since more and more people are installing ceiling LED panel light, the number of producers are rising as well. With so many choices, choosing the best ceiling LED light can be a daunting task. This is why, we have listed few things that will help you make an informed decision.

Read on to know the reasons for investing in the ceiling panel light.


One of the reasons why ceiling panel light is the right choice is its appearance. Nowadays, LED lights are available in wide range of shapes and sizes. You can select the light that blends in with your interior. Long gone are the days, when you had a standard looking lighting option. With the advancement in technology, you can get custom made lights. Mostly, the LED panel lights are square or round shaped.


Another notable reason for investing in a ceiling panel light is its easy installation. There are two different ways of installing ceiling LED light, suspension kit, and surface mounted kit. Both of these methods are convenient and safe. You can decide the method that best suits your requirements.

Energy Efficient

LED lights are known to have reflective panels that provide high-level brightness. The lights are constructed using aluminum and photoconductive plates that makes it lightweight and increases efficacy.

Moreover, during the production process of such lights, there is less pollution. This makes the light eco-friendly. The lights have no mercury, making it a safe choice. A single panel of the LED light is equivalent to six fluorescent bulbs. It means that you will need less light to illuminate your space. This helps in saving energy.

Easy to Control

Another reason for choosing the ceiling LED panel light is that it enables you to alter the strength of the light that will provide eye-friendly and soft light. It is useful for preventing unpleasant and harmful light.

Perfect for Wide Range of Application

Ceiling LED panel light is suitable for both industrial and commercial applications. Whether you want to install the panel light in the corridor or office, it is a great choice.

Best Ceiling LED Panel Light

Billionaire Lighting is the name to rely on when looking for the best ceiling light. We offer energy-saving, efficient, and quality lighting solution for commercial, government, and industrial applications. Our lights are designed to be cost-effective and decrease environmental impact. We provide a broad collection of LED panel lights at competitive prices, so it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. All our lights are in accordance with SAA, FCC, CE, DLC, KS, PSE, cUL, and UL standards.

If you wish to buy our LED lights, feel free to contact us at [email protected] for more details.

How to Buy LED Panel Light For Office – A Complete Guide

How to Buy LED Panel Light For Office? – A Complete Guide

LED panel lights have uncountable benefits. Not only are they energy-efficient but prove to be easy on budgets in the long run as well. Traditional lights such as fluorescent are typically available at cheap price as compared to LED panel lights but they consume much more electricity. Furthermore, LED panel lights increasing sophistication and modernity. They enhance the look of the room they are installed in.

Due to all these features, LED panel lights are considered to be the ideal choice for offices. Before you head out to buy such a light panel, check out our how to buy LED panel light for office guide. Have a look:


When buying LED panel light for your office, pay special attention to its design. These panel lights come in a number of designs and styles. Choose the one that goes with the overall theme and decoration of your office room. You can choose different LED panel lights in different designs for all rooms or cabins of your office.


Apart from design and style, you also need to consider the size of LED panel lights before buying them. Make sure the panel is in accordance with the size of your office. A too big panel or too small will deteriorate the look of your office. Therefore, ensure the size of LED panel lights is carefully selected.

Energy Efficiency

When buying a LED panel light for your office, ensure that it is energy efficient. If it isn’t, there will be no use of buying it since it wouldn’t serve its basic purpose. Different LED panel lights come with different energy efficiency level; therefore, you need to do your research and select the one that is most energy-efficient.

Types of LED Panel Light

There are numerous types of LED panel lights; each type has its own set of features. For example, you can opt for dimming LED light panels. The brightness of these light panels can be adjusted to your desired level; thus, they are more energy efficient. You can set the brightness at lower levels during the daytime and at a higher level when the sun is setting down. There is another common type of LED panel lights known that come with the emergency feature. In case of an emergency situation, these lights stay on despite power failure.

You must select the right type of LED panel lights for your office with required features. A point to note here is that cost of LED light panels also depend on the features they have.

There you go! Now that you are aware of how to buy LED panel light for office process, visit and choose from a wide range of LED light panels. You can easily find light panels that are ideal to be installed in your office. Some of the major reasons why you need to buy LED panel lights from is their market-competitive price and durable quality.

How to Buy LED Panel Light For Home Usage

How to Buy LED Panel Light For Home Usage?

The cost of electricity is increasing and it has become inevitable for homeowners to follow effective methods to use energy optimally in order to save electricity cost. One such way is to replace traditional lights with LED panel lights in your home. Having an LED light panel installed in your home will help to reduce the consumption of energy, as a result, electricity cost will be lowered; it will also decorate your living spacing and make it looks more modern.

Before buying LED panel light for your own house, follow this comprehensive how to buy LED panel light for home usage guide to get the ones out there.

Size of Panel Lights

The first thing you need to do when buying an LED panel light for your home is to find the right size. Carefully select the size of the panel when buying it. Consider the size of your room and brightness you want to have in it for when finalizing the size.

The efficiency of Panel Lights

It is important to know that not all LED light panels consume the same amount of energy and are equally energy efficient. Their energy efficiency depends on different factors i.e. power consumption, size, the technology used etc. If you are opting LED panel lights that are manufactured using cutting-edge technology, you can save more energy and ultimately have reduced electricity bills. On the other hand, by getting LED panel lights made using older technology installed in your home, you wouldn’t be able to save much energy and money.

Brightness Adjustment Feature

LED panel lights for home usage come with different features. Brightness adjustment feature is a must-have feature in an LED panel light if you are buying it for your home. This feature allows brightness to be set on different levels. Hence, it helps to save more energy since you can set the brightness at a lower level when the sun is shining to reduce your dependency on electricity.

Choose a Reliable Brand

For buying LED panel lights for your home, it is important to rely on a reputed and renowned manufacturer. There are numerous brands that offer LED panel lights; however, you must trust on the one that uses state of the art technology in the manufacturing of panel lights. This will ensure light panels are durable and energy efficient. is one such brand where you can find high-quality, durable LED panel lights for your home in a wide range of categories.


This step is followed after you have purchased an LED panel light for home usage. Choose an ideal position for LED panel light to be installed. It is important to know that positioning of the panel light also matters. It has a direct effect on the light’s energy consumption, usage, and efficiency.

By following this how to buy LED panel light for home usage, you will be able to find long-lasting and cost-efficient panel lights with reduced energy consumption.

When And Why LED Panel Lights Stop Working

When And Why LED Panel Lights Stop Working

Everyone is aware of the LED Technology especially LED panel lights. LED lights used to be expensive but now they are as affordable as they can get. They are very efficient and an energy saving alternative to fluorescent lights. They last longer than an average fluorescent light but just like florescent, LED panel lights can burn out too. Often times, the problem with an LED panel light is related to its dimmer switch.

If you use an LED panel light which went off, you might be wondering why the LED panel light is not working. It has good reviews and its supposed to be efficient. So why did the LED panel light fail?

Some LED panel lights tend to burn out but not in the way that filament bulbs and fluorescent lights do. This is because LED panel lights do not contain filament. The traditional lighting tend to get overheated and their copper wire filaments burn out. LED panel lights tend to get dimmer. The light emitting diode spread across the panel gradually fails and that is why the LED panel light stops working. Many people tend to replace the LED panel light before it completely burns out. However, on the bright side, LED panel lights will not burn out if you keep them turned on for hours. It’ll even save energy!

Moreover, it is known that LED lights generally turn 80% of the electrons from the electricity into light. It is true. However, the rest of the 20% tend to get turned into heat. This heat starts getting collected in the frame of the panel light or the neck of the LED bulb. This can cause overheating inside the panel and the electronic components inside the LED light panel start to fail. The LED panel light will not suddenly stop emitting light or burst like the traditional lights, the light it emits will tend to get dimmer and dimmer.

LED panel lights also have issues if they’re accompanied with a dimmer switch. For example, your LED panel light may go out sometimes if you slide the dimmer switch to the bottom or sometimes if your are trying switch the dimmer on the light emitted is much brighter than normal. Your LED panel light may sometimes not respond to the dimmer switch and may start to flicker and flash. This is also a reason why the LED panel light may not work properly.

If you want to fix your LED light panel, you should first check the electrical current. If the reading is not normal, then that would be an electrical problem. But if the reading is normal, check the LED panel for broken parts and problems. Check the strands of bulbs in the panel and if one of them is out then that could be a problem for the rest of the bulbs in the panel. Replace the faulty bulbs. The final thing you should do is clean the panel. Dust can get into the panel and mess up the electrical connection.

LED panels do have their problems but rest assured, they are a great alternative to filament and fluorescent lighting.

LED Replacing the Bulbs with Panel Lights

LED: Replacing the Bulbs with Panel Lights

Ever since people have become aware of the benefits of using LED, the industry has responded by offering a wide range of lighting options. In the beginning, consumers mostly had access to LED bulbs and tube lights. However, lighting is a significant part of interior designing; both in domestic and commercial environments. Hence, the market’s demand for more aesthetic options increased. As a result, we now have multiple LED light fixtures available in the market and LED panel lights are one of them.

It may not be a common occurrence in homes but most commercial settings use LED light panels. These panels have easily replaced the traditional fluorescent ceiling lights and are considered to be more convenient when it comes to indoor lighting. The LED light panels have a design that allows better illumination of the area, which is why they are more common in commercial conditions. You can create both an aesthetic look and save on the electricity bill at the same time.

So should you consider replacing LED bulbs with LED panel lights? Let us review LED panel light vs LED bulb to answer that question.

Comparing LED Panel Lights and LED Bulbs

Since you are comparing two LED-based products, you already know the importance of saving electricity. When reviewing LED panel light vs LED bulb, you should know that a panel will help you save even more energy. A bulb is likely to illuminate a focused area. You will notice that some corners of the indoor setting are darker, which takes away from the convenience of lighting a room. On the other hand, the panel is specifically mounted in the ceilings and its function is to evenly distribute the light.

Why Replace a Bulb with a Panel?

If you review the pros of a LED panel light vs LED bulb, you will find it more convenient to invest in a LED panel light. Let us explain the advantages a panel will provide as compared to a bulb.

Quick and Quality of Light

The panel contains several layers and other components that make for a better technology as compared to a simple LED bulb. It contains a guide plate that offers brighter light and together with the diffuser, the light is thrown wide but is soft too. The panel will also turn on quickly; fewer chances of humming, flickering or RF interference.

Customized Design

The panels can be customized into a design that suits a particular setting. There are certain areas where bulbs pose a difficulty to be installed and even if they are, they won’t function too well. LED panels, on the other hand, can be molded into different shapes. The way the LEDs are embedded into the panels make customization easy.

Cost Effective

On average, a LED panel light can last for 17 years if used for 8 hours per day. This is a much better performance even in comparison to modern CFLs. Therefore, using panels is a cost-effective option.

Considering these advantages after reviewing LED panel light vs LED bulb, you should prefer replacing the bulbs with LED panel lights.