When And Why LED Panel Lights Stop Working

When And Why LED Panel Lights Stop Working

Everyone is aware of the LED Technology especially LED panel lights. LED lights used to be expensive but now they are as affordable as they can get. They are very efficient and an energy saving alternative to fluorescent lights. They last longer than an average fluorescent light but just like florescent, LED panel lights can burn out too. Often times, the problem with an LED panel light is related to its dimmer switch.

If you use an LED panel light which went off, you might be wondering why the LED panel light is not working. It has good reviews and its supposed to be efficient. So why did the LED panel light fail?

Some LED panel lights tend to burn out but not in the way that filament bulbs and fluorescent lights do. This is because LED panel lights do not contain filament. The traditional lighting tend to get overheated and their copper wire filaments burn out. LED panel lights tend to get dimmer. The light emitting diode spread across the panel gradually fails and that is why the LED panel light stops working. Many people tend to replace the LED panel light before it completely burns out. However, on the bright side, LED panel lights will not burn out if you keep them turned on for hours. It’ll even save energy!

Moreover, it is known that LED lights generally turn 80% of the electrons from the electricity into light. It is true. However, the rest of the 20% tend to get turned into heat. This heat starts getting collected in the frame of the panel light or the neck of the LED bulb. This can cause overheating inside the panel and the electronic components inside the LED light panel start to fail. The LED panel light will not suddenly stop emitting light or burst like the traditional lights, the light it emits will tend to get dimmer and dimmer.

LED panel lights also have issues if they’re accompanied with a dimmer switch. For example, your LED panel light may go out sometimes if you slide the dimmer switch to the bottom or sometimes if your are trying switch the dimmer on the light emitted is much brighter than normal. Your LED panel light may sometimes not respond to the dimmer switch and may start to flicker and flash. This is also a reason why the LED panel light may not work properly.

If you want to fix your LED light panel, you should first check the electrical current. If the reading is not normal, then that would be an electrical problem. But if the reading is normal, check the LED panel for broken parts and problems. Check the strands of bulbs in the panel and if one of them is out then that could be a problem for the rest of the bulbs in the panel. Replace the faulty bulbs. The final thing you should do is clean the panel. Dust can get into the panel and mess up the electrical connection.

LED panels do have their problems but rest assured, they are a great alternative to filament and fluorescent lighting.