LED Replacing the Bulbs with Panel Lights

LED: Replacing the Bulbs with Panel Lights

Ever since people have become aware of the benefits of using LED, the industry has responded by offering a wide range of lighting options. In the beginning, consumers mostly had access to LED bulbs and tube lights. However, lighting is a significant part of interior designing; both in domestic and commercial environments. Hence, the market’s demand for more aesthetic options increased. As a result, we now have multiple LED light fixtures available in the market and LED panel lights are one of them.

It may not be a common occurrence in homes but most commercial settings use LED light panels. These panels have easily replaced the traditional fluorescent ceiling lights and are considered to be more convenient when it comes to indoor lighting. The LED light panels have a design that allows better illumination of the area, which is why they are more common in commercial conditions. You can create both an aesthetic look and save on the electricity bill at the same time.

So should you consider replacing LED bulbs with LED panel lights? Let us review LED panel light vs LED bulb to answer that question.

Comparing LED Panel Lights and LED Bulbs

Since you are comparing two LED-based products, you already know the importance of saving electricity. When reviewing LED panel light vs LED bulb, you should know that a panel will help you save even more energy. A bulb is likely to illuminate a focused area. You will notice that some corners of the indoor setting are darker, which takes away from the convenience of lighting a room. On the other hand, the panel is specifically mounted in the ceilings and its function is to evenly distribute the light.

Why Replace a Bulb with a Panel?

If you review the pros of a LED panel light vs LED bulb, you will find it more convenient to invest in a LED panel light. Let us explain the advantages a panel will provide as compared to a bulb.

Quick and Quality of Light

The panel contains several layers and other components that make for a better technology as compared to a simple LED bulb. It contains a guide plate that offers brighter light and together with the diffuser, the light is thrown wide but is soft too. The panel will also turn on quickly; fewer chances of humming, flickering or RF interference.

Customized Design

The panels can be customized into a design that suits a particular setting. There are certain areas where bulbs pose a difficulty to be installed and even if they are, they won’t function too well. LED panels, on the other hand, can be molded into different shapes. The way the LEDs are embedded into the panels make customization easy.

Cost Effective

On average, a LED panel light can last for 17 years if used for 8 hours per day. This is a much better performance even in comparison to modern CFLs. Therefore, using panels is a cost-effective option.

Considering these advantages after reviewing LED panel light vs LED bulb, you should prefer replacing the bulbs with LED panel lights.