How Much Does A LED Panel Light Really Cost

How Much Does A LED Panel Light Really Cost ?

I believe many people have some questions about the price of LED panel light, why are they more expensive than other lights ? How much does a led panel light really cost ?

You get what you paid for, compared with traditional lamps, the advantages of LED panel lights are obvious. The LED panel light is energy-saving, environmental protection and has a long life span etc.  About the advantages of LED panel lights, you can read our other article, here we mainly talk about the cost of manufacturing an LED panel lights.

  1. The light frame and cover

According to the material of the frame and cover of LED panel lights, there will be a different performance in heat dissipation as well as different price. The cost of  6063 aluminum frame is about 8-15 us dollars (different specifications with different price) .

  1. Light guide plate and diffuse plate

The wholesale price of light guide plate and diffusion plate is around 10-12 us dollars ( 12 pieces ). The quality of light guide plates is a big factor for LED panel light quality, so using a quality light guide plate makes LED panel light emitting a uniform light and the LED panel light will do not appear dark spots, water ripples and so on.

  1. LED chip

The  price of 11 lm 3014 chip often cost around  0.02-0.03 us dollar. A good LED chip not only have a stable performance, good brightness and low light failure, but also have a good color rendering index. The 600 x 600 LED panel light usually needs 360 pieces SMD 3014 LED chip, which cost about 7 – 10 us dollars.

  1. Aluminum pcb board

Some LED panel light has four pieces aluminum pcb board, some use two pieces. The 600 x 600 LED panel light aluminum pcb board cost around 0.2 us dollar per piece.

  1. Power supply

The power supply is  the most important factor affecting the price of LED panel lights. A poor quality power supply directly reduce the working life of LED panel light. The UL approved power supply has a relative stable performance,  its price is about 7 us dollars. TUV / CE approved power supply is about 5 us dollars.

  1. Package

Usually it cost around 0.5 – 2 us dollars, depends on customer’s requirements.

  1. Accessories

Accessories mainly refer to foam, tape, wire, connector, which cost around 1 us dollar.

  1. Labor cost

Let’s assume that 10 people can manufacture 300 LED panel lights per day, pay 600 us dollars for each people every month, the average labor cost for each led panel light is around 0.7 us dollar.

According to LED panel light parts cost mentioned above, we can see a genuine TUV/CE approved 60×60 LED panel light would cost around 33.5-45.5 us dollars. However, different LED panel light manufacturer’s price is totally different. If you want to get an exact offer for LED panel light, please contact by email: [email protected] .