Comparison between LED Panel Light & LED Downlight

Comparison between LED Panel Light & LED Downlight

You always wonder which LED is the best one in the market. Which one has the best material? Which LED light is the most efficient? Which LED throws out the best light? They all are so good and long lasting that it gets hard for the buyer to compare which one is better. Well, we will answer all your questions. We are going to compare most common types of the LEDs which are the LED Panel lights and the LED Downlight. Below are some factors on which we have compared both of the LED lights. Have a look.


A diffuser and aluminum frame is present in both of them so that they can spread out light but the LED panel light uses a light guide plate. It helps in guiding the light across the panel so that it spreads clearly and evenly. It is attached to a reflecting film which helps the light to reflect well. When we talk about the Downlight LED, it has none of these. It just has an aluminum frame with a PCB board with the heat sink. So, the LED Panel light has more features as compared to the LED Downlight.


This is a mandatory factor that everyone looks out for when they are willing to buy a LED light. It plays a very important part both in lights and in the social world as well. Talking about the LED Panel, it is fitted around like a circular frame and most of the LED panel lights are using side lighting technology . An light guiding plate and the diffuser plate get together and collect the light creating a very soft light in the room.

When we talk about the LED Downlight, it is back lighting. It has a LED in the middle of it because of which it produces brighter light as compared to the LED Panel light, but the light was not soft and friendly to human eyes.


There is no problem when it comes to touching a LED as they are cooler as compared to the normal light bulbs. It is because they do not produce any infrared radiation out of them. They have the capacity to keep the unwanted heat within them as they all come with a heat sink. The function of the heat sink is heat dispensation. After you have compared both of the lights you will realize that Downlight’s heat sink is thicker as compared to the LED Panel’s.


The LED panel has a firm body. When we talk about the LED Downlight, it uses an aluminum fuselage tempered glass cover, the surface electrostatic dispersion. The mentioned equipment used in this is eco-friendly types of equipment.

There you go; we have now mentioned all the pros and cons of both of the lights. It is now up to you to decide which light is the best for you and which one is the best overall. If you want to know more about them, you can visit . We have a variety of lights and they will guide and tell you which one is the best for your market.