600pcs 70W smart control office LED floor lamp in Paris, France

Project Time: June, 2021

Project Location: Paris, France

Product Used: 70W up & down lighting with different CCT office floor lamp

Qty: 600pcs

Features: Appearance with rich texture, micro reflector design, UGR 16, typical value up to 145lm/w with flicker freely. Support for smart control function: touch panel dimming, motion sensor and daylight sensor.

600pcs 70W smart control office LED floor lamp in Paris, France

Background Information

LC light company was founded in 2003, they are local project contractors, mainly undertaking office projects and home projects, focusing on high-end office spaces, they have an engineering and sales team of more than 200 people, cooperated with many wholesales in their place.

Case Review

In December 2020, Maurijn who is the purchasing manager of LC company, sent us an inquiry through Alibaba. We had a brief contact in 2019. Due to the price problem and the market position in his place, the customer refused to cooperate with us at that time.

However, in December 2020, Maurijn made an inquiry to us again and asked about our new series FS0010 floor lamp. One of Maurijn’s clients were searching the similar lamp, but his supplier’s price was too expensive and the service was not good due to some reasons. So he didn’t want to cooperate with the former supplier any more. So he sent us an inquiry about FS0010 floor lamp and placed 10 samples to test whether the goods meet their requirements.

The customer was very satisfied with the lamps after testing. Maurijn also brought good news to us as their clients are very interested in this floor lamp at present, there are a large office project that needs to use this lamp. Then Maurijn ordered 600pcs from us in June 2021.

Until now, Maurijn and his clients are quite satisfied with our product quality and there are some projects are under discussion.

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