200pcs 60w dimming LED desktop light for office lighting in Graz, Austria

Project Time: July 2021

Project Location: Graz,Austria

Product Used: 60W office desktop light with color temperature and light dimming

Qty: 200pcs office desktop light

Features: Compared with traditional floor lamps, desktop lamps are very space-saving and more convenient to install. The light output and color temperature of the floor lamp can be adjusted, which can be applied to different lighting environments. UGR less than 19, good for eye health.

200pcs 60w dimming LED desktop light for office lighting in Graz, Austria

Case Background

DT is a well-known Austrian landscape design company, founded in 1994, headquartered in Graz, with about 300 employees, and is now a subsidiary of the European JWH Design Group. DT Company provides first-class professional services for various development and construction projects, from the design of skyscrapers to urban planning and the transformation of railway networks, providing full solutions of planning, design and implementation. The refined design work often require designers to spend a lot of time in front of the computer and has higher requirements for the lighting environment. In 2021, DT’s leadership began to consider improving the office environment and providing the designers with healthier and more comfortable office lamps.


At the end of February 2021, our sales engineer Jacky officially received the office floor lamp project demand from DT purchasing manager T.R. Considering the user’s preference for smart and healthy lighting, Jacky recommends FS0010 and FS0006, two office-specific floor lamps with high lumen and high luminous efficiency and UGR less than 19. Among them, FS0006 pays more attention to healthy and comfortable lighting, UGR less than 6, which can effectively relieve visual fatigue caused by long-term eye use. For the design office use required by DT company, FS0006 is a good choice. As we have analyzed, J.D is quite satisfied with our 06 floor lamps in terms of performance, price and matching degree, and reached a preliminary cooperation intention with each other.

What happens next may not be what you think. Our sales manager Belinda did not urge the sales engineer to close the deal with the customer as soon as possible after learning about the project. Instead, she suggested delaying the project’s progress. Starting from DT’s office space planning and actual use needs, Belinda suggested replacing the common FS0006 floor lamp with a corresponding model of desktop floor lamp. Because the DT office uses an independent open-plan desk, each designer has more room for flexible control of the desktop. And our desktop floor lamp is more flexible in installation and can be easily snapped on the desktop, which is more suitable for the strict lighting requirements of DT company designers.

However, our luminaire was not in stock at the time, and Belinda’s proposal ran the risk of customers switching suppliers. Fortunately, J.D believes that we are very professional and willing to choose more suitable products and lengthen the transaction cycle. In late June, these desktop floor lamps have been officially used in DT, and the designers’ office environment has been effectively improved.

What we want to say is that making the product popular is our original intention. But selling the product and ensuring the customer feel the best is our ultimate goal.

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