100pcs 70W up & down office floor lamp for hotel lighting in Vienna, Austria

Project Time: August, 2021
Project Location: Vienna, Austria
Product Used: 70W up & down FS0008 office floor lamp
Qty: 100pcs
Features: Direct and indirect light control individually, imported PMMA guide plate , Micro-prismatic UGR 19 diffuser, high lumen efficiency up to 100lm/w, with touch dimming, motion sensor and daylight sensor, provide a comfortable office atmosphere.

70W up & down office floor lamp for hotel lighting in Vienna, Austria

Background Information

BG is a well-known hotel group in Austria, built in 1997 and designed by the famous designer Ostertag team. The hotel is ideally located in the heart of Vienna,with 405 deluxe rooms of various types, more than 10 banquet halls and meeting rooms, which can accommodate more than 1,000 people at the same time. In 2021, BG Hotel officially launched the LED lighting renovation project for guest rooms. Our sales Jessica got in touch with Henry , the project leader, by email after learning about the project needs through LinkedIn on 8th July.

Development Process

Through linkedin, I got to know this company from its interface. This is how I knew this company by Linkedin, then went to their company’s linkedin interface, I immediately invited their purchasing manager Lucasz passed my Linkedin invitation and get the company’s email address through Google.

In 2020, I contacted their purchasing manager Lucasz by development letter and called him as well. At the begining, he didn’ reply us, but we insisted to share some pictures of our products. Until 8 months later, one of our office floor lamp arounsed his interests that he replied us for learning more about the product and our company.

After 10 days communication by phone and email, he finally bought 10 samples to test our quality. we arranged the samples soon and delivered the goods in 3 days. The delivery was arrived to him after one week. Their boss was very optimistic with our products and market after testing the samples. So they placed an order for 100pcs again.

Now we are talking about a project of nearly 1000pcs, the client feedback that the market prospect of this floor lamp is pretty large.

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