5000pcs 70W modern smart sensing office floor standing lamp for Bern, Switzerland

Project Time: March 2022

Project Location: Hamburg, Germany

Product Used: 70W Bridgelux Thrive LED chips floor standing light FS0005

Qty: 100pcs office floor light

Features: A natural human-centered lighting experience that uses proprietary technology to fully simulate the spectrum of natural light.Multiple lighting modes, intelligent touch control, high lumens and UGR<19.

5000pcs 70W modern smart sensing office floor standing lamp for Bern, Switzerland

Background Information

GW group is a well-known family business in Europe with a long history. It was established in 1920 and is headquartered in Switzerland. It has retailers in various regions of Europe, such as Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Russia and so on. It produces and sells indoor and outdoor lighting products, home and office products, both online and offline. It is a pretty powerful company.

Case Review

I learned about the strength of GW group company and saw some similar products with us on their website. Then I used Google and Linkedin to contacted the product manager Jose by sending development letters and making phone calls.

Jose was very unhappy and refused me many times at first, Even though he refused me many times, I sent the new design products and shared some market information with him 3 to 4 times per month.

After 6 months of following up, our engineer team designed a more cost-effective product, then I sent a recommend letter to share the new product to Jose. After analyzing their company’s website and product demands, I understood that they prefer to purchase economic one than expensive one. So I sent the information about the new product to him.

This time he showed strong interest and wanted to know more about our products. I was glad to sent Jose more information about the floor lamp and called him to learn more about the market information. And he is willing to buy samples for testing first.

The client was very satisfied after receiving the samples and liked the design very much. At the same time, when they tested the samples and showed them to their end clients, the test result were highly qualified, which was in line with their needs.

In the whole year of 2021, the customer ordered 6 high container goods and sales very good, Jose told us that the quality of lamps are great and price is competitive.

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