4000pcs 595x595mm 42w LED panel lights for office lighting in Hartberg, Austria

Project Time: 25th July, 2016

Project Location: Hartberg, Austria

Product Used: 595x595x10mm 42W 4000-5000K LED panel light

Qty: 4000pcs

Features: high efficiency, even and bright light, lower power, save more energy, vivid light, comfortable environment.

4000pcs 595x595mm 42w LED panel lights for office lighting in Hartberg, Austria

Case background

In June 2016, our Austrian customer Kolco completed the office lighting renovation project, using the 595x595x10mm 42W LED panel light we provided. Kolco was very satisfied with the upgraded lighting effect and sent the installation drawing back to us to express his appreciation and recognition of our products. Kolco said, “We have replaced our office lighting with LED panel lights ourselves. Our office environment has become brighter and more comfortable! We introduced your LED panel light products to other customers and they are very hot sale now ! ”

Case review

In March 2016, I received a message inquiry from Kalco on our website. This customer is one of Hartberg’s larger buyers. Before receiving the enquiry, Kalco and I had met at the Las Vegas show in the United States. He was very interested in our rectangular panel light at that time. So I was not that surprised to receive his inquiry.

Kalco told me that energy saving has been the focus of many companies in recent years. Many LED wholesalers and retailers are looking for ways to reduce lighting costs. So I recommended him the 595x595x10mm 42W high lumen low energy rectangular LED panel light. Equipped with a light guide plate, this panel light produces bright light with a wider beam angle compared to other typical LED panel lights, saving about 60% of the energy consumed by traditional lights.

After I quoted the price and attached the product video, product picture, delivery date and other information, Kalco didn’t say whether the price was high or low, and didn’t mean to place an order in a hurry. I know he is looking for other suppliers to compare with us. So, I made a detailed product introduction again and highlighting the advantages of our products. Then i asked Kalco about his concern. After 2 working days, Kalco sent me a message asking about the specifications, shipping costs, etc. of some other products. I thought that he was still interested in us. I patiently calculated the price for Kalco, calculated the volume, and compared the CIF and FOB fees. On 25th June, 2016, we reached a cooperation with kaclo for 4000pcs panel lights. These LED panel lights can be widely used in offices, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, airports, railway stations, libraries, etc.

Results achieved

– Maximized long-term energy and maintenance savings
– Increased light level by 25%
– No UV damage to merchandise

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