50pcs ultrathin 620*620mm 34w LED panel for office lighting upgrade in Cologne, Germany

Project Time: August 2015

Project Location: Cologne, Germany

Product Used: Ultrathin 620*620mm 34w LED panel light

Qty: 50pcs

Features: Imported high-quality lamp beads, the color rendering index is above 80, lower light decay and stable quality; luminous efficiency up to 80-120LM/W, large light-emitting area.

50pcs 34w LED panel for office lighting upgrade in Cologne, Germany

Case background

APA GMBH was founded in 1989 and headquartered in Cologne, Germany. It is a service provider in the souvenir and advertising gift industry. In August 2015, Billionaire Lighting received APA’s cooperation intention. Felix from APA told us that because of the different commute time of the company’s employees, the fluorescent lights in the office need to be constantly lighted on. What troubles them was that the lamps were relatively old and had been repaired almost every weekend. This consumes a lot of time and labor costs. So the APA GMBH plans to replace these old lamps with a set of brand new LED lights.

Case review

After receiving the customer’s request, we checked their office area in the German headquarters building first . Some of APA’s employees start work very early, while others work late at night. For the safety of employees, all lamps in the APA office area were lit almost 24 hours a day. Learned about this situation,our engineers suggested Felix to replace the 60W fluorescent lamps currently used by APA with 34W 620*620mm LED panel lights. This aimed to save energy bills and reduce carbon emissions. At the same time, the LED panel light provides an even eye-protecting lighting environment for the office.

Felix was satisfied with the overall solution, but wished we could offer a thinner and lighter version. After communication, we replaced the 12mm panel light with an ultra-thin 10mm panel light. With a lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours, these panel lights require no maintenance or bulb replacement, resulting in significant annual savings in electricity bills.

Case results

In energy consumption, lighting is the second largest consumption area after industrial energy consumption. Research on energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting systems is of great significance for saving conventional energy and protecting the environment. The installation of these energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED panel lights not only improves the office environment of APA employees, but also reduces the company’s operating costs.

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