155pcs customized LED panel lights for fire engine trucks & vehicles in Dortmund, Germany

Project Time: 8th March, 2018

Project Location: Dortmund, Germany

Product Used: 1845*535*80mm customized LED panel lights used for fire trucks

Qty: 155pcs

Features: Long life span and energy saving, unique structure ensure no light leaking; Aluminum alloy, good heat dissipation and no rusting in damp ambiance; CE, RoHS, FCC certified.

155pcs customized LED panel lights for fire engine trucks & vehicles in Dortmund, Germany

Case background

OML is a German company specializing in the production and sales of fire fighting and environmental protection equipment. In March 2018, Mr. Karl, the purchase merchandiser of OLM, contacted us though Alibaba. Karl intends to order a batch of customized LED panels that can be used in accident rescue fire engine trucks and other special vehicles.

Case review

When we first contacted with Karl, we sent him detailed LED product information and explained the main advantages and features of the panel lights we offered. But these contents have not been answered. A few days later, I attached some videos about our company’s production environment and product demonstrations by email. Karl told me that our meticulousness beat the other two competitors. So we had the opportunity to prepare the first sample.

During this time, we also encountered many problems, such as the shortage of raw materials, which led to the delay of sending samples and the continuous confirmation of price as well as delivery time. Finally we got the sample order from the customer at the end of March 2018. Although it is a sample order, it is also an opportunity for customers to inspect us. We worked hard to fulfill Karl’s request and ship on time. He was very satisfied after receiving the sample order, and in May we received another bulk order from the customer. Although the process is tortuous, we are constantly running in with our customers. The final result is indeed gratifying.

Case result

These customize LED panel lights for fire engine vehicles can be divided into two parts, which can emit red, white and green light. Red and green light can be used for indication, and white light can be used as illumination. The lamp housing is mainly made of high-quality 6063 aluminum alloy. The heat dissipation structure is specially designed to ensure the rapid diffusion of heat during the operation of the lamps and improve the lifespan and reliability of the lamps. It has obvious advantages such as strong toughness, not easy to break, not afraid of exposing to sunshine and waterproof.

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