200pcs customized fireproof LED panel lights for marine boats in Seville, Spain

Project Time: 22th May, 2019

Project Location: Seville, Spain

Product Used: 9000*680*12mm&850*580*12mm & 380*550*12mm LED panel lights used for yachts and marine boats

Qty: 200pcs

Features: Hydraulic aluminum frame connection, sealed without crack, 5 years warranty, high brightness up to 100 lm/watt ; CE, RoHS, TUV, SAA, UL, FCC certified.

200pcs customized fireproof LED panel lights for marine boats in Seville, Spain

Case background

Spanish P.F company was established in March 2012. The company’s main business is to provide marine equipment and materials, equipment maintenance and other services for shipbuilding enterprises. P.F company’s products include marine machinery, marine lighting, marine fireproof and sound insulation materials. Since the current lights are often damaged when used on ships, and the high energy consumption leads to an increase in the company’s operating costs, P.F Company plans to purchase a batch of new panel lights to replace the current marine lamps.

Case review

We learned about the demand for LED panel lights of P.F Company through the introduction of an old customer in Spain. The first time we got in touch with Mr L, the project leader of P.F. Mr L said energy bills have been a high expense for P.F. Over the past year, P.F has coped with a nearly 20% increase in energy costs, and will face a 10%-15% increase in the future. To overcome rising electricity costs and improve overall operational efficiency, P.F decided to use energy efficient and durable LED panel lights. Considering that these panel lights are suitable for marine boats, we recommend high-quality fireproof and waterproof customized panel lights for Mr. L. After a lot of product comparison and research, Mr. L decided to purchase 200PCS to update P.F’s marine lighting system. These panel lights use imported LED chips, which help P.F. save money by reducing energy consumption and costs, and also significantly improve lighting efficiency and safety.

Case result

These batches of marine used LED panel lights designed for P.F company are mainly divided into three specifications, 9000*680*12mm, 850*580*12mm and 380*550*12mm. The lighting system is advanced in design and sophisticated in technology. The whole lamp is made of fireproof material. It has various properties such as fireproof, waterproof, anti-fog and dustproof. It can be stored in the environment of -40°C to +80°C, and working among -20°to 45°C. At the same time, the lamps are easy to install and use DC24V low voltage to ensure product and user safety.

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