100pcs Customized LED panel lights for equipment & machines in Toulouse, France

Project Time: 22th July, 2019

Project Location: Toulouse,France

Product Used: 300x1200mm LED panel lights with high efficiency

Qty: 100pcs

Features: Special structure to protect LED failure from LCP inflation or rude transportation. Sorts of brightness or appearance to meet different demands; LM-80 test report, high transmittance rate.

100pcs Customized LED panel lights for equipment & machines in Toulouse, France

Case background

BNC is a leading French manufacturer of CNC wire and pipe bending machine tools. Its products are widely used in the field of pipe forming and have a high market share in Europe. In 2019, BNC expanded its scale and purchased a new batch of automated sorters. In order to ensure production quality and improve employee working efficiency, BNC decided to purchase 100PCS panel lights for automatic sorting machines to effectively supplement light sources for production equipment and to achieve better lighting effects.

Case review

In July 2019, Dan from BNC sent us an inquiry through www.made-in-china.com. Then we added his WHATSAPP to facilitate timely communication. It happened that we had an online live broadcast in July, so I invited Dan to watch it. “If you really can’t come, you can also watch our live replay. If there are any questions, you can contact us.” On July 18, I received an email from Dan. He said he watched our live broadcast and was very interested in the customized panel lights in our live broadcast room. Dan said he was in a hurry and didn’t want to wait for us too long to arrange production. He asked us to test the panel light in the sample room and send it to him. We took advantage of this opportunity to chat a lot with Dan. After fully understanding the needs of BNC company, We told Dan that this batch of customized panel lights would adopt DC24V DC voltage, and the performance is safe and stable. As a supplementary lighting for the equipment, BNC’s equipment operators can get a better visual experience when operating the machine, which can greatly reduce the frequency of equipment operation errors and improve work efficiency and quality. One month later, Dan received our samples and decided to formally purchase 100pcs LED panel lights for BNC’s automatic sorter.

Case result

Dan said that the LED panel lights performed “better than expected compared to conventional fluorescent lights. Bright white light provides excellent visual clarity in our working environment. These panel lights have a lifespan of up to 36,000 hours, which means our staffs don’t have to worry about future lighting maintenance. We are satisfied with the quality of these LED devices because it greatly reduces our maintenance costs and labor costs.”

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