360pcs FS0008 office floor standing LED light for Frankfurt, Germany

Project Time: September 2020

Project Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Product Used: 70W up and down lighting office floor standing light

Qty: 360pcs office floor light

Features: Touch control panel, 4 lighting modes, scene lighting, can realize up and down lighting, can be used as reading light, piano light, office light. The standing light has motion sensor and light sensor function, energy saving and environmental protection.

360pcs FS0008 office floor standing LED light for Frankfurt, Germany

My name is Jessica, On July 13, 2020, I joined Billionaire Lighting. I am a newbie both in this company and in the LED lighting industry. I was new to the field when I started and was new to everything. Now that 2 years have passed, I have grown a lot here. In particular, the first customer that was closed after joining the company impressed me a lot.

At that time, I joined Billionaire Lighting for 2 months, and I was very anxious because I did not achieve any results. Until my manager gave me a contact information, saying that this customer is looking for office floor lamps, but the requirements are relatively high. As soon as I got the contact email, I sent a development letter to Muller and recommended 2 floor lamps that meet the needs: FS0008 and FS0009. Both floor lamps are ideal for use in offices, banks, homes, and more. However, after the email was sent, it went to pieces, just as I feared.

But I didn’t give up. Combined with the information provided by the manager, I spent several nights sorting out the floor lamp products of major peers on the Internet, and compared these products with the FS0008 and FS0009 developed by us in an all-round way. After 3 days, Muller expressed the hope that we can provide more videos and data sheets related to the product. After the contact, because of the price problem, we finally did not reach the order transaction.

On September 2020, we were unexpectedly visited by Muller and his colleagues at a lighting exhibition in Guangzhou. They want to purchase a batch of high-quality office-specific floor lamps that are good for eye health and retail in shopping malls. This time, I got a clear answer. The operating experience of the FS0008 floor lamp has been recognized by Muller. Our price slightly exceeded their expectations, but the user experience and quality were rarely met by peers, so Muller readily agreed to cooperate.

On September 17th, we officially reached a deal – 360PCS FS0008 office floor lamp order. At present, these floor lamps have gradually entered the offices and households in Frankfurt.

If you are looking for high end LED office floor lamp in Frankfurt, please email [email protected], one of our sales representative or our regional distributor will contact you soon for detailed project solution and quotation.