1000pcs up & down lighting office standing lamp for Lucerne, Switzerland

Project Time: May 2020

Project Location: Lucerne, Switzerland

Product Used: 60W up and down lighting office floor standing lamp

Qty: 1000pcs office floor light

Features: Direct lighting-emitting structure design, UGR 19, lighting efficiency up to 130LM/W, and the light is adjusted by a mechanical knob. With dimming and other intelligent controls, such as motion sensor and daylight sensor. Suitable for lighting in offices, banks etc.

1000pcs up & down lighting office standing lamp for Lucerne, Switzerland

Business Transformation under the COVID‑19

In 2020, due to the outbreak of the COVID-19, we have been unable to carry out offline exhibition activities for a long period of time, so we can not invite target customers and consumers to the site to know more about our products and services as usual. For this reason, we have shifted our offline exhibitions to online, and made detailed graphic descriptions and video presentations for each new product, and published them on Internet platforms such as Global Sources and Youtube.

Hard-won inquiries

In April 2020, we received our first informal inquiry about office floor standing light since the COVID-19. The inquiring user is Matteo from GXY, Switzerland. The customer did not reveal the purchase intention at first, but was only interested in the functions of the motion sensor and light sensor of the FS0005 floor standing light we released on Youtube, and asked relevant questions below the video. Our business colleague Jessica answered Matteo as soon as she saw the user’s message, and said that if you are interested in the product, we can send more detailed information.

Formal transaction after multiple communications

There has been no follow-up since then. So we thought Metteo was just a regular user interested in our product. It wasn’t until May 12, 15 days later, that we officially received an email inquiry from Matteo, and we didn’t know that she was the purchasing manager of GXY GmbH in Switzerland. GXY is a diversified high-tech manufacturing company established in Lucerne, Switzerland in 1997. Its business segments involve aerospace products and services, home and industrial control technology, and automotive products.

Metteo inquired about the application scenarios, installation operations and functional customization of the FS0005 office floor lamp in the email. Later, we learned that before contacting us formally, she had contacted a lot of floor lamp product suppliers in China, but she has not obtained satisfactory results due to price and product quality issues. In order to let Metteo fully understand us, Jessica invites Metteo watch our floor lamp production workshop, product production process and real warehouse online through the form of video explanation.

On May 20th, we were officially recognized by GXY, GXY placed an order of 1000PCS FS0005 floor lamp. Until today, we have maintained a long-term cooperation. Metteo hopes to have the opportunity to visit our factory after the epidemic is over. We also look forward to this day coming soon.

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