3000pcs 60W direct and indirect lighting office floor lamp for Amsterdam, Netherlands

Project Time: September, 2021

Project Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Product Used: 60W FS0005 office floor lamp

Qty: 3000pcs

Features: Simple and high-end lamp appearance design. Direct & Indirect lighting with 50%+50%. Micro-prismatic diffuser for UGR 19, lighting uniform and healthy. Support for smart control functions.

60W 50%+50% direct & Indirect lighting office floor lamp for Amsterdam, Netherlands

Background Information

WGH office lighting company, established in 1997, it has been focusing on office products for more than 20 years. It cooperates with many high-end offices and has high requirements for product quality and it tends to cooperate with powerful factories.

Case Review

At the beginning of 2021, I sent a development letter to the customers as usual. Surprisingly, the purchasing manager Robert of WGH replied. He expressed that he was currently encountering a very difficult product client complaint. This was a product he purchased from our peers, but his supplier did not solve it.

We asked him to sent us some product pictures and reports. I immediately reported the problem to our engineering team. After discussion, our engineering team and quality team provided two kinds of solutions for Robert. Robert tried the first solution, and the problem of the lamp was solved.

It turned out to be the problem caused by the wiring head of the lamp. The customer was very happy and grateful that we solved this big problem for him. His trust in us has increased several times, and he also said that future orders will be purchased from us.

In September, the customer brought good news. Because we helped him solve the problem, his project went very well. Now they have started a new project cooperation. They purchased 3000pcs products from us. Robert said that he only trusts us, because he firmly believes that the products of the company with good service will not be bad.

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