200pcs LED linear lights shipped to Milan, Italy for parking lot lighting project

Project Time: 24th Nov, 2021

Project Location: Milan, Italy

Product Used: LED linear lights

Qty: 200pcs

Features: Strong Aluminum end caps, no screws visible;High efficacy, High CRI, Smooth dimmable performance; Anti-glare with PMMA micro-prism lens for eye-protecting; Optimized profile structure, easier for seamless connection,saves 80% time on installation.

Case background

In the parking lot of U-L’s corporate headquarters in Milan, Italy, the existing lighting was inconsistent and unsightly. The light is yellowish. When U-L started looking for a new lighting solution, they turned to LED lighting. In November 2021, U-L lighting system project manager Aurelio sent an inquiry request on our website.

Case review

U-L’s requirements for its LED lighting solutions included better light quality and performance, lower maintenance requirements and costs, an outstanding product warranty and brightness control features. Therefore, we recommend high-quality and high-efficiency LED linear lights for them. These lamps met all the requirements of Aurelio. If U-L’s current T8 tubes were replaced with new LED linear lights, the new lighting would reduce existing wattage by at least more than 17,000 watts. Aurelio placed 5 sample order after listening to our analysis. One month later, he raised the order volume to 200PCS.

Case results

Before using the new lighting system, U-L building technicians were performing maintenance approximately every two weeks and scheduled before or after normal business hours to minimize disruption to normal traffic flow. Material costs, time and labor add up to an expensive monthly activity. Now, building technicians can focus on other areas of the facility, as the cost of installing and replacing the product can be used for other expenses. In addition to positive data on maintenance and energy savings, feedback on the new lighting has been excellent. “We no longer have dark areas in our parking structure that previously caused safety issues. With the increase in the amount and quality of light, the visibility of the garage has generally improved,” said Aurelio.

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