10000pcs office floor standing light for a listed company in New Jersey, America

Project Time: Decmeber 2021

Project Location: New Jersey, America

Product Used: touch control office floor standing light

Qty: 100pcs office floor light

Features: Touch control panel, 4 lighting modes, scene lighting, can realize up and down lighting, can be used as reading light, piano light, office light. With built in motion sensor and light sensor, it is energy saving and environmental protection.

10000pcs office floor standing light for a listed company in New Jersey, America

In December 2021, we received a larger order – an order demand for 10000PCS LED floor lamps from the US listed company ZWH. Before receiving this order, we have actually cooperated twice, but they were all small orders. So this time, we were very happy when we received the 10,000PCS transaction demand. Because this represents the customer’s recognition of our products and services, after all, ZWH is a world-renowned company.

About ZWH

ZWH was established in Texas in 1973. At present, more than 10,000 shopping malls have been opened in 22 countries around the world, with 57 brands under them, and more than 1.8 million employees worldwide and 200 million customers visiting ZWH every week. In 1994, ZWH’s annual sales exceeded 30 billion US dollars, becoming one of the world’s largest retail companies. At present, all business groups of ZWH have settled in China, and Shenzhen is the headquarters of ZWH’s Asia-Pacific region.

Case Review

We had our first engagement with ZWH in May 2020. Before this, the customer already knew about our floor lamp, and once favored one of the styles, but unfortunately no transaction was made. On July 2, the customer took a fancy to FS0009 through Alibaba. Since ZWH’s Asia-Pacific headquarters and our company happen to be in Shenzhen, after a brief introduction, we agreed to see the products in our factory in the afternoon of the same day. 5 days later, ZWH visited our company again and reached a floor lamp transaction of 200PCS.

Because of the good market response, we signed an order for 200PCS floor lamps again on September 19. Until today, we still maintain good cooperation. The demand for this 10,000PCS order is the best affirmation for us. Through us, ZWH can not only purchase high-quality floor lamp products that are competitive in quality, packaging, price, etc., but more importantly, Shenzhen’s smooth and convenient logistics system and developed three-dimensional transportation network by sea, land and air will help saving ZWH’s buying time and bring more convenience.

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