100pcs 70w touch control floor standing lamp for painting room in Carinthia, Austria

Project Time: 25th March,2021

Project Location: Carinthia, Austria

Product Used: FS0010 floor standing lamp

Qty: 100pcs

Features: Simple design and excellent craftwork, appearance with rich texture; Stable and strong steel base, safe and reliable; UGR no more than 16.

100pcs 70w touch control floor standing lamp for painting room in Carinthia, Austria

Case background

VU Art Education Group is located in Carinthia, Austria. It is a national chain of educational institutions dedicated to art teaching and research. VU Education Group has the qualifications for painting talent training and operation, and provides art lovers with many related services such as advanced art training, art training for young children, and art training for teachers. In 2021, VU renovated and upgraded several painting rooms in Austria, and purchased LED floor lamps with more comfortable eye protection as new lighting equipment.

Case review

This customer was actively discovered by ourselves. In March 2021, we watched some pictures shared by UV Art Agency on LinkedIn. Some of these pictures are of the students doing painting creation or practice, and some are pictures of the studio being renovated. Painting creation requires very high lighting environment. The trainees must concentrate and focus most of their energies on the art boards. Therefore, high-quality light is particularly important for the lighting design of art training studios. We told this opinion to G.W., the director of a branch agency at VU. He replied us that their studio is undergoing renovation and upgrading, and they are also planning to optimize the lighting system. “We have planned to buy a lot of floor lamps with features of UGR less than 19” , Said G.W. It turned out that he had considered upgrading the floor lamp before this, but haven’t found a suitable one. After detailed communication, we recommend the FS0010 new floor lamp for either office or home usage. From product quotation to order placement, it took a total of 22 working days.

Case result

This practical new floor lamp can adjust the brightness and color temperature by controlling the touch panel to meet the different needs of painters. The whole floor lamp adopts a linear design, with a small footprint and a stable base. It saves space and maintains aesthetics. After being used in the painting room, the environment and learning efficiency of the students has been improved.

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