360pcs 72w square LED panel light for school classroom lighting in UK

Project Time: March 2021

Project Location: London, UK

Product Used: 2 x 2 ft LED panel light

Qty: 360pcs 2×2 ft 72w square LED panel lights

Features: lighting efficiency up to 100lm/w, 10mm ultra thin in thickness, UGR 19, flicker free, 5 years warranty, ideal for school, classroom, office lighting etc.

On March 20th, 2021, we got an inquiry from ABC Lighting PLC, looking for a high quality LED panel lights supplier for classroom and office lighting in a primary school in London, UK. This inquiry has been sent to several other manufacturers as well.

Frankly speaking, the estimated order qty was not big, but ABC Lighting PLC is a somewhat famous lighting distributor and contractor in London, UK, especially in high end lighting market. We want to establish a long term business relation ship with ABC Lighting PLC.

After discussion with customers and several email communications, we decide to offer the best quote for ABC Lighting PLC based on the specially designed LED panel light that its UGR even below 15, to better meet school and classroom lighting requirements, to see if we can establish long term business relationship and introduce our high quality lighting products to more projects and end customers. Our quote and outstanding ugr performance sooner convinced K. Smith, CEO of ABC Lighting PLC, and he sent PO and made payment to us within 3 days.

60 days after, these panel lights were successfully installed in the primary school, and the school chairman gives a good comment for K.Smith and their team: “ It was a great experience having a chance to work with such an expert like ABC Lighting PLC, top quality lighting fixture, affordable price as well as excellent installing service. Just a bit curious how they can offer such good products, service at such affordable price. Now i know why many of my friends recommend Kevin to me for lighting products”.

After this project, ABC Lighting PLC and Shenzhen Billionaire Lighting Co.,Ltd has established mutual trust and they placed 5 more big orders for other projects to us. ABC Lighting PLC is even talking to us for the exclusively dealership for our free standing office lights in UK.

If you are looking for reliable, customized and high end LED lighting products manufacturer and solution provider in UK,

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