210pcs LED floor standing lamp for home & office lighting in Cologne, Germany

Project Time: 14th April,2021

Project Location: Cologne, Germany

Product Used: 40% indirect lighting & 60% direct lighting UGR 19 FS0012 floor lamp

Qty: 210 PCS

Features: It is independent research and development, private model, light body compact, flexible application of a wide range ; UGR 19 uniform distribution.

210pcs LED floor standing lamp for home & office lighting in Cologne, Germany

Case background

E lighting is committed to providing high-quality LED floor lamps for homes and offices, and has a high reputation in Cologne. E lighting has many years of purchasing experience in China, and many products are similar to ours. In April 2021, they found us for cooperation in LED floor lamps.

Case review

The customer contacted us through Alibaba and made it clear that they would like to purchase floor lamps for reading and office lighting. After making a background check, we found that there were many products similar to our floor lamps on the customer’s own website. Because our floor lamps are rich in styles, the customer quickly found the model FS0012. Although our products looked similar in appearance, they were actually quite different in terms of internal structure and materials. So our price was $3 more expensive than the customer’s target price. During the communication process, the customer wanted to reduce our unit price by increasing the purchase quantity. After 2 days’ discussing, we came up with the following solutions:

Plan A: In order to express the sincerity of our cooperation, we agreed to reduce the unit price by $1.5 on the basis of increasing the purchase quantity of our customer.

Plan B: On the basis of reducing the price,we would adjust the materials used for some products to match the expected unit price of E lighting. Such as led chips, light guide plate and power supplies.

Plan C: We were willing to lower the price on the premise of establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with them and becoming the exclusive supplier of floor lamp products for E lighting. After a detailed discussion, the client agreed to plan C and we happily concluded the 210PCS floor lamp deal.

Case result

FS0012 is a round floor lamp produced by Billionaire Lighting in 2021. This floor lamp has a new shape compared to former styles. Suitable for both office lighting and home lighting. After the lamps of E lighting entered the German market, they have won the attention and love of consumers. Our long-term cooperation with E lighting is also formalized.

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