Create artistic space lighting with round LED panel light

The space design of modern urban life is no longer satisfied with simple lighting. Urban life is not lack of light source. How to deal with the artistic lighting effect to meet the function of space art decoration is the core of modern lighting design. Good space lighting can enhance space creativity and sense of art. For example, a pendant panel light can improve the beauty of space. In the specific operation of art lighting design, many details are involved, such as the direction of illumination, color temperature and even the shape of lamps, as well as the color and texture of objects in the space, which can keep the atmosphere changing with the lighting environment.

Color temperature is also an important factor in artistic lighting design. The atmosphere of the environment will change by the colour temperature of the light. The effect of light with different color temperature on the atmosphere created by the space environment is completely different. Warm light can make people feel excited, but also easier to fatigue. And cold light makes people a quiet, mysterious feeling. Natural light with a color temperature 4000K can better reflect the color of the object itself.

If it is a high-end restaurant, art gallery, hotel lobby, exhibition hall, etc., we strongly recommend installing a big round pendant panel lamp with adjustable color temperature. This kind of lamp can realize up and down lighting. The pleasant light distribution and soft shadows could create a comfortable lighting atmosphere. With ultra-thin design, the lamps are light, simple and artistic in the whole appearance. The high quality big round pendant panel lamp also have the function of anti-glare, which can create a comfortable lighting effect. If the brightness of lights or other areas in the room is much higher than that of the general environment, people will experience glare which is harmful to the eyes. So it must be avoided.

Generally, the diameter of the big round pendant panel lamp is from 300mm to 1200mm. The shell of the lamp is made of high-quality aviation aluminum material, which is optimized to achieve a uniform lamp surface and excellent sound absorption effect. The exterior design of the lamps is elegant, and the installation methods are diverse. They can not only be hoisted, but also installed on the ceiling or wall, which perfectly meets the needs of modern artistic lighting.

LED lights play an important role in indoor lighting. The greatest effect of lighting is to improve the quality and sense of art of the living environment. LED lights not only have the function of illumination, but also have the value of artistic appreciation.

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