Things to consider when design lighting for 5 bathroom areas

For most families, bathroom is usually a relatively smaller space compared to living room and bedroom. And we do not stay in it for a long time in daily life. Therefore, it is the most easily ignored when we decorate the house. We have to admit that the bathroom is a very frequently used space. For example, we need to use this space for a bath, dressing, reading and so on. Therefore, we can not ignore the lighting design for the bathroom. We need a scientific layout for bathroom lighting.

Generally, the bathroom adopts the way of integral lighting and local lighting. On the basis of providing the integral lighting for the space, we should also strengthen lighting in areas with high lighting demand, which can well improve the sense of hierarchy of the space and maximize the function of the bathroom at the same time.

Integral lighting can be achieved by ceiling panel lights, grille lights, downlights, etc. It can be selected according to the integral decoration style and personal preferences. Local lighting needs to be arranged according to the functional partition of the bathroom.

Lighting design idea for different bathroom areas

  1. Washbasin area

As a place to wash and make up, washbasin area needs the most complex and exquisite lighting layout. Wall lights, light strips and panel lights are suitable to install. The light strips design is divided into single light strip, combined light strip and multi light strip design.

The design method of single light strip is quite easy, which generally takes the mirror as the carrier and hides the light behind the mirror. The halo around the mirror gives off attractive colors, simple and beautiful.

  1. Shower area

The lighting design of the shower area is mainly practical. The LED lights should be waterproof and moisture-proof. And fog-proof downlights are a good choice. If the bathroom has a window, we should pay attention to the installation position of the light. We should make sure that people’s shadow can not be projected to the window.

  1. Bathtub area

The bathtub area pays more attention to the creation of atmosphere. The soft light will help you relax more and create the illusion that you can’t see the light, so you won’t be blinded by the light when you’re in the bath.

  1. Toilet area

Generally speaking, the toilet area occupies a small position, so it can be illuminated by the bathroom as a whole. But if you feel that the brightness is not enough, you can arrange a separate compact lamp to fill up the light.

  1. Storage area

The storage area of the bathroom generally adopts niche lighting design. Embedding a light strip in the niche can help us take things conveniently and it also plays a decorative role.

High quality light is one of the advantages of LED. Make sure that the color temperature of the LED light source is as close to natural sunlight. LED lights combined with dimmers allow you to control the saturation of the light and vary its intensity depending on the time of day and mood.

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