Significant advantages of smart LED lighting

Compared with home lighting, commercial office lighting is obviously more suitable for the main energy-saving intelligent lighting. Smart lighting can greatly save power resource, improve the management level of public lighting and save maintenance costs. Compared with traditional LED lamps, intelligent LED lamps achieve a new level of energy saving through the perfect integration of LED, sensing technology and control technology. Smart LED lights can be connected to local area networks to communicate with smartphones or computers. People can use their phones or computers to control the brightness and color of the lights remotely for maximum energy savings. Generally speaking, smart LED lights also have the following significant advantages.

  1. highlight energy conversion efficiency

Smart LED lights have a higher light-energy conversion efficiency than traditional incandescent bulbs. Most incandescent bulbs emit only 5-20 lumens per watt of power, while daylight bulbs emit 40-70 lumens per watt and LED lamps emit 20-100 lumens per watt.

  1. equipped with intelligent remote control

People can use their phones or computers to remotely control the brightness and colour of the lights, and can even program the bulbs to achieve maximum energy savings, such as turning off the power at certain times of day. In addition, we can change the color and temperature of the light through the remote control.

  1. Application control

Billionaire Lighting has developed an app that connects LED lights to a smartphone. Users can change the color of the light to personal preferences. And you can also set a preset time to wake up and turn on the light. The lights can also be controlled by a traditional switch.

  1. Induction induction

Motion induction is also known as infrared induction. As we know, the human body temperature is generally about 37 degrees, so it emits infrared rays with a specific wavelength. Motion induction controls the brightness of the lamp by capturing infrared rays with a specific wavelength. The floor standing lamps provided by us are all support motion induction. Furthermore, daylight sensor is also a very scientific lighting design: the brightness of the floor lamp will automatically adjust with the brightness of the surrounding environment to achieve the best lighting effect.

  1. Use touch control

The advantages of touch switches are insulation and water resistance. Many families use touch switches in the bathroom, kitchen and other Spaces. With the development of technology, the touch panel used in many bathrooms can simultaneously realize the real-time display of bathroom temperature, control air heating, lighting and other functions.

All the achievements of science and technology should serve mankind. With the development of intelligent lighting gradually mature, intelligent research around human experience will become the mainstream.

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