How Much Does A LED Panel Light Really Cost

How Much Does A LED Panel Light Really Cost ?

I believe many people have some questions about the price of LED panel light, why are they more expensive than other lights ? How much does a led panel light really cost ?

You get what you paid for, compared with traditional lamps, the advantages of LED panel lights are obvious. The LED panel light is energy-saving, environmental protection and has a long life span etc.  About the advantages of LED panel lights, you can read our other article, here we mainly talk about the cost of manufacturing an LED panel lights.

  1. The light frame and cover

According to the material of the frame and cover of LED panel lights, there will be a different performance in heat dissipation as well as different price. The cost of  6063 aluminum frame is about 8-15 us dollars (different specifications with different price) .

  1. Light guide plate and diffuse plate

The wholesale price of light guide plate and diffusion plate is around 10-12 us dollars ( 12 pieces ). The quality of light guide plates is a big factor for LED panel light quality, so using a quality light guide plate makes LED panel light emitting a uniform light and the LED panel light will do not appear dark spots, water ripples and so on.

  1. LED chip

The  price of 11 lm 3014 chip often cost around  0.02-0.03 us dollar. A good LED chip not only have a stable performance, good brightness and low light failure, but also have a good color rendering index. The 600 x 600 LED panel light usually needs 360 pieces SMD 3014 LED chip, which cost about 7 – 10 us dollars.

  1. Aluminum pcb board

Some LED panel light has four pieces aluminum pcb board, some use two pieces. The 600 x 600 LED panel light aluminum pcb board cost around 0.2 us dollar per piece.

  1. Power supply

The power supply is  the most important factor affecting the price of LED panel lights. A poor quality power supply directly reduce the working life of LED panel light. The UL approved power supply has a relative stable performance,  its price is about 7 us dollars. TUV / CE approved power supply is about 5 us dollars.

  1. Package

Usually it cost around 0.5 – 2 us dollars, depends on customer’s requirements.

  1. Accessories

Accessories mainly refer to foam, tape, wire, connector, which cost around 1 us dollar.

  1. Labor cost

Let’s assume that 10 people can manufacture 300 LED panel lights per day, pay 600 us dollars for each people every month, the average labor cost for each led panel light is around 0.7 us dollar.

According to LED panel light parts cost mentioned above, we can see a genuine TUV/CE approved 60×60 LED panel light would cost around 33.5-45.5 us dollars. However, different LED panel light manufacturer’s price is totally different. If you want to get an exact offer for LED panel light, please contact by email: [email protected] .

Linear LED Light Ideal for Office, Dinning Room, Interior Lighting and Decoration

Linear LED Light: Ideal for Office, Dinning Room, Interior Lighting and Decoration

LED linear pendant lights are compact and lightweight, end cover and mounting brackets made of die-casting aluminum alloy and sealed by heat resistance silicone rubber, to ensure reliable waterproof performance.General LED linear pendant lights are powered by SMD led chips. LED linear pendant lights are suitable for a variety of place, indoor or contour lighting.

Billionaire Lighting Co.,Ltd is a leading linear led pendant light developer and manufacturer in China, it is a high-tech enterprise combining with research and developement, prodcution, sales and services.

According to the needs of different areas, Billionaire Lighting Co.,Ltd issue linear led light products powered by DC 12V, 24V with the length of 30CM, 60CM, 90CM, 120CM and so on. In addition, you can customize different specifications of linear pendant LED lights.

Below are some simple applications with Billionaire Lighting linear led lights:

linear led lights for office application

Simple office decorated with fashion LED linear pendant light, fully expressing modern sense, fast but not chaotic.

linear led lights for dinning room application

LED linear lights also make modern dinner warm, stylish and dating more enjoyment. Every customers coming to dinner feel happiness and enjoyment under this warm atmosphere with soft brightness.

linear pendant led lights for interior decoration

Decorate modern house with linear led light create European style, pastoral and Chinese style. Linear lights highlighted every corner, showing sense of three-dimensional, which seems to have given them the soul !

At present, Billionaire Lighting Co.,Ltd also introduced more intelligent linear lights, such as touch controlling light bar, hand sweeping sensor lights, human infrared sensor lights and so on. Each product has its own unique features, more simple and more intelligent to use. Please contact [email protected] if you have interests.

Why Should We Choose LED Lights for Home Lighting

Why Should We Choose LED Lights for Home Lighting ?

As LED light becoming more and more popular in global application, spreading in home decorated lighting, commercial lighting, supermarket lighting etc. Many people really do not know why we choose LED light to replace traditional lamp for home lighting, now I will talk about these reasons in the following.

Firstly, let’s talk about the design of LED:

If you have ever gone to the LED shop, you will find out that LED lights have a simple special design, which are suitable for any occasion doing any effect you really want. For example, you can purchase some super bright LED light to highlight your painting, collection or artwork, which will makes you see your love at a comfortable vision, and it also is a decoration for your home design as well as showing your taste. Of course, if you use this light in dinning room, it will increase more attraction to your foods and enhance your appetite.

Secondly, we will pay attention to the reliability of LED:

  1. LED light emitting diodes convert most energy into lighting energy resulting in lower heat energy of light source. Thus, as a cooling light LED do not have thermal radiation, which makes a safe touching between people and LED light.
  2. LED light source has a excellent color rendering close to sunshine, no harmful to your vision, suitable for kinds of lighting environment.
  3. LED light have a long lifespan up to 100,000 hours. You will never need to worry about the problem of lighting if you install LED light for your home.
  4. LED light can work normally at a high speed ( frequently ) turning on/off. But traditional fluorescent light is easy to burn if frequently turning on/off.
  5. LED light is solid sealed, so seller do not need to afraid of shocking during transport and install.
  6. LED light source have a good direction, which can settle some problems if partial lighting and directional lighting is needed.

Finally, the LED light is safe, green and environmental protection:

  • LED lights power supply voltage is very low with safe DC current. Single LED chip power consumption is around 0.03w-0.06w, working voltage is around 1.5v-3.5v. A low drive voltage makes that LED lights are more safe to install or use than tradition lamps.
  • LED lights contains no mercury, while the traditional fluorescent lamp is damaged, there will be mercury flowing out. Mercury is easy to volatile, when people breathe in mercury gas, people will be poisoned as well as mercury also is harmful to natural environment.
  • LED light will producing UV during working, radiation-free, and almost no extra heat energy. It is significant import to control temperature in the room.
  • LED light have a simple structure, easy to recycle, in accordance with sustainable development concept.
Why Dimmable LED Panel Lights Are Popular

Why Dimmable LED Panel Lights Are Popular

If you’re looking for a lighting solution that will adapt to your own needs, then dimmable LED panel lights are a great option. They offer a range of brightness options, ranging from 10% to 100%. Different from ordinary lamp, dimming LED panel light is suitable for wider applications as well as it also play a great role in energy-saving and emission reduction.

What is dimming led panel light?

Dimming LED panel light is a type of panel light with good illuminance uniformity, higher CRI, uniform and soft light. Dimming led panel light means the brightness of the light can be adjusted. Generally speaking, there are three kinds of dimming methods of dimming led panel light.

Types of dimming LED panel lights

    1. LED 0/1-10V dimming

0-10V dimming, also called 0-10V signal dimming, is an analog dimming method. It controls the output current of the power supply by changing the voltage of 0-10V to achieve dimming. It is brightest when it is 10V, and it is off when it is 0V. For 1-10V dimming, when the resistance dimmer is adjusted to a minimum of 1V, the output current is 10%, and if the output current is 100% at 10V, the brightness will also be 100%. 1-10V does not have the function of a switch, and the lights cannot be adjusted to the lowest closing function, while 0-10V has the function of a switch.

    2. LED SCR dimming

SCR dimming is currently the most widely used dimming method. It is a physical property of dimming. The SCR dimmer has the advantages of high adjustment accuracy, high efficiency, small size, light weight, and easy to operate from a distance, and is dominant in the market. The advantages of SCR dimming are high working efficiency, stable performance and low dimming cost.

    3.PWM dimming

PWM dimming is also known as digital dimming. This method changes the on-time of the forward current by turning the LED on and off with a PWM wave to achieve the effect of brightness adjustment. PWM is a very effective technique for controlling analog circuits using the digital output of a microprocessor. In this way, the cost and power consumption of the system can be greatly reduced. PWM adjusts the brightness by adjusting the time ratio of light and dark.

Advantages of dimming led panel lights saving & environmental protection

As an environmentally friendly energy-saving light, LED dimming panel light has the same effect as other lamps in lighting, there is a special performance that the incandescent lamp does not have – dimmable function, different from ordinary lamp, dimming LED panel light is suitable for wider applications as well as it also plays a great role in energy-saving and emission reduction.

2016, the country’s total electricity consumption reached 5.9 trillion kw.h, of which only lighting electricity has about 600 billion kw.h, if we use the LED panel light or other LED lights which consuming 1/3 less energy to replace the tradition lamp, the energy-saving effect will be obvious, thus LED panel light with dimming function is more popular among consumers.

2.longer lifespan

The dimming technology reduce the output power, which significantly improves the working environment of LED panel light, extend lifespan of light and improve its reliability. The key factor affecting the reliability of LED panel lights is temperature.

Whether it is LED power supply or LED chip, the higher ambient temperature is, the less lifespan and reliability will be. LED power supply service life is up to 320,000 hours in 25 ℃ ambient temperature, but it will be sharply down to only 35,000 hours in 60 ℃ ambient temperature.

With higher temperature, the LED chip’s light failure rate is also significantly increased. LED light failure is closely related to its junction temperature that is temperature of the semiconductor PN junction, higher junction temperature, LED light source will sooner occur the light failure, which means shorter lifespan of LED light.

If the junction temperature is 105 ℃, the LED light will just work 10,000 hours as well as brightness down to 70%; the junction temperature is 95 ℃, the LED light can work 20,000 hours; the junction temperature is 75 ℃, the LED light will serve 50,000 hours; while the junction temperature is 65 ℃,  the LED light will serve as long as 90,000 hours. In other words, the key of extending LED light lifespan is to reduce the junction temperature.

Adopt dimming technology, reducing output power, the LED power supply will decline its own power consumption, and the shell temperature will decline at the same time. When the ambient temperature is 25 ℃ and at full load, the shell temperature is 50 ℃, but when you use dimming technology to control output to only 50% load, the shell temperature will drop to 40 ℃, service life will be doubled, reliability can be increased by 25% 40%.

Find best dimmable LED panel light supplier

There are numerous benefits of buying dimmable LED panel lights. Not only can they be adjusted to the right brightness, but they will also save you money on your electricity bills. Dimmable LED panels are ideal for areas where light levels need to be lower at night or high during the day. Find best dimmable LED panel light supplier by following these simple tips. Read on to discover the many advantages of dimmable LED panels.

Before you buy your new LED panel lights, check their compatibility with existing lighting fixtures. Some can be attached to ceiling surfaces, while others can be mounted in recessed, surface, or suspended light fixtures.

Make sure that the product comes with the necessary mounting equipment to fit into your existing lighting fixtures. Otherwise, you’ll need to buy it separately.

You should also check whether it comes with a warranty. The manufacturer may offer different warranty terms depending on the type of mounting system you choose.

With rapid development of dimming technology, LED lighting dimming system will be brought into a new field, which will help to popularize and promote the green and energy-saving LED panel lighting.

Shenzhen Billionaire Lighting Co. , Ltd specializes in R&D dimming LED panel light and other LED lighting products, with high quality, excellent material, beautiful design, perfect selling service. If you have interests in our lighting products, please feel free to contact us by email: [email protected] at any time.