Linear LED Light: Ideal for Office, Dinning Room, Interior Lighting and Decoration

LED linear pendant lights are compact and lightweight, end cover and mounting brackets made of die-casting aluminum alloy and sealed by heat resistance silicone rubber, to ensure reliable waterproof performance.General LED linear pendant lights are powered by SMD led chips. LED linear pendant lights are suitable for a variety of place, indoor or contour lighting.

Billionaire Lighting Co.,Ltd is a leading linear led pendant light developer and manufacturer in China, it is a high-tech enterprise combining with research and developement, prodcution, sales and services.

According to the needs of different areas, Billionaire Lighting Co.,Ltd issue linear led light products powered by DC 12V, 24V with the length of 30CM, 60CM, 90CM, 120CM and so on. In addition, you can customize different specifications of linear pendant LED lights.

Below are some simple applications with Billionaire Lighting linear led lights:

linear led lights for office application

Simple office decorated with fashion LED linear pendant light, fully expressing modern sense, fast but not chaotic.

linear led lights for dinning room application

LED linear lights also make modern dinner warm, stylish and dating more enjoyment. Every customers coming to dinner feel happiness and enjoyment under this warm atmosphere with soft brightness.

linear pendant led lights for interior decoration

Decorate modern house with linear led light create European style, pastoral and Chinese style. Linear lights highlighted every corner, showing sense of three-dimensional, which seems to have given them the soul !

At present, Billionaire Lighting Co.,Ltd also introduced more intelligent linear lights, such as touch controlling light bar, hand sweeping sensor lights, human infrared sensor lights and so on. Each product has its own unique features, more simple and more intelligent to use. Please contact [email protected] if you have interests.