1. Intelligent touch control panel, easily and quickly switch between different light modes;
  2. Double lighting head design;
  3. New appearance design, the lamps and lanterns with smooth lines, simple and fashionable overall structure, exquisite workmanship and texture;
  4. Adopt high quality optical lens to achieve UGR < 6 , soft lighting and no dazzling, better protect vision, reduce fatigue.
  5. Lights come out from both sides, and the color and brightness are dimmable;
  6. Desktop type and floor standing are both optional.

Natash-S double head free standing light have a positive effect on office lighting which is one of the most important aspects of office design. The team at Billionaire Lighting has over 10+ years’ experience in office interior design so we recognize the importance that office floor lamps have in the modern workplace.

For example, the average office worker spends a great deal of their time within the office environment and good lighting for each task that they undertake is crucial. Poor lighting can turn even the most best designed office into a stressful and negative place. This has a direct effect on productivity. Natash-S double head free standing LED light enhances the scene and providing the correct level of office lighting. This creates the most suitable working conditions.