1. Unique appearance design, suitable for multi-scenario use;
  2. 120LM/W ultra-high luminous efficiency, no dark areas of light emission;
  3. Upper and lower sides are illuminated, UGR<19, comfortable and eye protection;
  4. High-quality aluminum alloy lamp body with outstanding material;
  5. Exquisite powder spraying technology, fashionable and shiny;
  6. Curved touch panel control, independent dimming up and down;
  7. Sturdy round base to ensure that the lamp is stable and not tilted;

Nora is a simply designed standing LED office light for illuminating the entire room. With the focus on light quality, the simple appearance of the Billionaire Lighting deliberately avoids superfluous elements.

The clear lines blend into any room environment and enhance its value. All materials used underline the high quality standards and are recyclable. The service life of the light in the correct current and voltage is 36,000 hours, which means that the maintenance and replacement cost is lower and saves energy.