Why Up And Down Lighting LED Panel Lights Worth buying

When it comes to indoor lighting, there are so many different types of LED lights to choose from. However, one type that is growing in popularity is the up and down light panel. These lights are great for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they provide even lighting and can be used in a variety of settings. If you are considering adding some up and down lighting to your home or office, here are a few reasons why it may be worth your investment.

What Is Up And Down Lighting LED Panel Light

Suspended up down lighting led panel light is a commercial pendant lighting fixture utilizing an advanced LED optical system to achieve superior performance. The unique design is semi-transparent luminaire when off and excellent uniformity and efficiency when on, reaching 70% downlight and 30% uplight distribution, 0-10V dimming, suitable for indoor application. The pendant light fixture has color temperature changing optional function which is available in 3000K to 6000K . It withstands years of use thanks to the rugged aluminum framework. This piece also saves money on bills with decreased power consumption.

Why Does Up And Down Lighting LED Panel Light Worth Buying

1.Up and down lighting design and good lligting effect

The panel light is a high-grade indoor lighting fixture, whose outer frame is generally composed of aluminum alloy profiles. The LED light source is installed on the inner side of the outer frame. After the light guide plate with high light transmittance, a uniform flat luminous effect is formed. And LED panel light illuminance uniformity is  comfortable and bright.

However, the light of the existing LED panel lights is mostly emitted from the top down, and the indoor ceiling is still relatively dim, which affects the overall lighting effect of the room, and it will make people feel visually uncomfortable in the environment for a long time.

In view of the above situation, up and down lighting LED panel lamp is welcomed. This kind of panel adopts the structure of a transparent cover plate to overcome the defects of poor lighting effect existing in the existing technology. It can improve the brightness of the indoor ceiling through a part of the light emitted from the back of the lamp. This makes it possible to improve the overall indoor lighting effect, so as to improve the use of comfort.

2.Exquisite workmanship and long service life

Exquisite craft and good texture makes the LED panel much more beautiful. The production process is made of high quality polymer acrylic material, which has stronger weather resistance and impact resistance. The good sealing effect provides a suitable working environment for the interior of the LED panel light and prolongs the service life.

3.Scene lighting

Up and down lighting LED panel light is irradiated from the side of the light guide plate through the LED light strip, so that the light from the light guide plate produces multiple refraction. Then it diffuses through the light transmitters on both sides of the light guide plate to make the light more uniform and soft, and achieve up and down lighting. The lights usually adopt the optical reflection structure and UGR <19.

They can also be used for scene lighting because its color temperature can be adjusted.

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