How to Choose the Right IP Rating for Interior and Exterior LED Lights

How to Choose the Right IP Rating for Interior and Exterior LED Lights

There are different types of LED lights that have the IP rating which you might have come across. Did you know what an IP rating is? In this post, you will gain some tips about the IP rating for interior and exterior LED lights which will help you choose the right one.

1. Types of Different LED Lights That Are Waterproof

Everyone knows that when water and electricity meet, something is bound to happen. It can lead to a deadly shock which could even be life-threatening at times. Water can ruin the LED lights quickly or over time and that is why waterproof LED lighting is the way to go. It will also help extend the lighting fixtures life. IP rating IP65 is mostly used for waterproof LED like the LED street light or LED flood light. The waterproof levels vary significantly due to different IP ratings.
The complete waterproof LED lights are different from the water resistant lights. The difference between the two is that waterproof lights are designed to sustain any amount of water, while the water resistant lights can only work for a certain amount of time as exposure to water affects them. There are various advantages to LED lights such as energy saving.

2. IP Ratings for LED Lights

There are different Ingress Protection ratings for outdoor and indoor lights. The rating is used for the measurement of protection that the LED light would have against solid and water. Two numbers are used in the IP rating. The first is from 0 to 6 which is a solid IP rating and shows the resistance against solid. While the second is 0 to 8, this shows the protection against water.

IP67 Rating
LED lights that have an IP67 rating provide complete protection against water and solid. They are quite similar to IP64 and IP65. Even if the LED light is immersed in water depth of 1m there would be no effect. IP65 LED lights are the most common waterproof LED lights. Maximum protection against solid and liquids is provided. They can be used for both commercial and domestic purposes. However, if the lights are to be used in place where there is a risk of water, then LED waterproof lights would be needed.

IP65 Rating
They are great for protection against water jets and foreign bodies. If water is disposed by a nozzle of just 6.3mm, it would cause no damage. It is perfect for outdoor lighting fixtures.

IP64 Rating
This is the highest rating for the most LED corn light bulb. It provides good protection against solid and liquid.

IP54 Rating
They have complete dust protection. But for liquids, they only provide protection against splashing water which is why they are common among indoor fixtures.

IP40 Rating
They are used in an indoor or enclosed fixture. It should not be used in the outdoor and only for the indoors unless there is a lot of humidity.