How to Choose Suitable LED Lights for Indoor House Lighting

How to Choose Suitable LED Lights for Indoor House Lighting ?

How to Choose Suitable LED Lights for Indoor House Lighting ?

Living room LED lights

The living room is generally equipped with a bright and elegant chandelier or ceiling lamp as the main light, with other auxiliary lighting such as wall lamps, downlights and spotlights. As far as the main lighting is concerned, if the living room is more than 3.5m in height, you can choose a chandelier or ceiling lamp with a higher grade and a slightly larger size: if the floor height is about 3m, you should use a mid-range luxury chandelier: the height is For 2.5m or less, it is advisable to use a mid-range decorative ceiling lamp or no main lamp.

round panel light

This new pendent round panel light, launched in 2019, is ideal for use in living rooms, conference rooms, and more. This light has a simple appearance and is made of high-grade materials. Not only can it be used as the main light in the high-end living room by hoisting, but it can also be installed by ceiling or screw lifting. A light, three installation methods, can fully meet the application environment of different space size and decoration style.

Studying room LED lights

The study room lighting should be designed to coordinate the relationship between general lighting and local lighting. General lighting should not be too bright, so that people can pay attention to the local lighting environment. In the selection of study lamps, in addition to the general ceiling lamp /pendent lamp, we can choose the floor standing lamp that has a very significant effect on local lighting.

led standing floor lamps

This touch control led standing floor lamps light is also the new launch of Billionaire Lighting this year. This light has been optimized for performance and design based on previous products. For example, the touch control panel, from the mechanical knob control to the touch control, is more convenient to use and has a better user experience. The study lamp is essential for the brightness adjustment of the light. This light not only enables intelligent stepless dimming, but also has light and human body sensing functions. It is the best choice for study lamps in the auxiliary lighting while taking into account energy saving and environmental protection.

Dining room LED Lights

The focus of the dining room lighting decoration is the dining table. Lighting fixtures are generally available with pendant chandeliers. Billionaire lighting ultra-thin large round LED lights are a good choice. The Chinese diet pays attention to the beauty of color, fragrance, taste and shape. When using the lamp, it can adjust the bright warm color. When enjoying the western food, it can adjust the slightly darker soft light to create a romantic dining atmosphere. This pendent light is used in the dining room to not only play a good lighting role, but also a wonderful artistic embellishment, adding to the beauty of life. In addition to everyday home use, this lighting can also be used in high-end hotels, conference rooms and other places.


Bath room LED Lights

For bathroom lamps, the most important consideration is the waterproof and moisture-proof performance of the lighting. Billionaire Lighting IP65 waterproof panel light that can be adjusted from cooler white to warmer white. The panle light adopts a completely sealed structure, which not only is waterproof and anti-fog, but also fundamentally eliminates the opportunity for various metal components in the power supply box to contact with humid air. It is safer to use electricity and is the first choice for kitchen and bathroom lamps.


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