Different types of LED lighting fixture and their advantages & applications

LED has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, shock resistance and so on. LED lights can emit light of various colors, and are widely used in many fields such as commercial office lighting and home lighting.

1.LED bulb

LED bulb is a new energy-saving lamp that replaces the traditional incandescent bulb. Incandescent lamps and electronic energy-saving lamps still occupy a very high proportion in people’s daily use. In order to reduce waste, LED lighting manufacturers must develop LED lighting products that conform to existing interfaces and people’s usage habits, so that people can use a new generation of LED lighting products without replacing the original traditional lamp bases and circuits. That is why LED bulb exists.

2.LED downlight

Downlight is a new type of LED lights designed and produced with high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy and patented structure technology. LED downlights are widely used in commercial lighting. Compared with traditional downlight, it has the following advantages: energy saving, low carbon, long lifespan, good color rendering and fast response. The design of LED downlight is more beautiful and lighter. When installed, it can maintain the overall unity and perfection of architectural decoration, without destroying the setting of lamps. The light source is hidden inside the architectural decoration, and the light source is not exposed, and there is no glare, which makes people’s visual effect soft and uniform.

3.LED ceiling light

LED ceiling lamps are commonly used as main lighting lamps in various indoor lighting design. Generally, LED ceiling lamps with a diameter of about 200mm are suitable for use in walkways and bathrooms, while those with a diameter of 400mm should be installed at the top of a room with a diameter of no less than 16㎡. There are two kinds of LED ceiling lamps on the market: D-shaped tube and annular tube. When purchasing LED ceiling lamps, you should pay attention to the following three points:

Firstly, whether the product identification is complete or not. The identification of regular LED ceiling lamp is often standardized. It should be marked: trademark and factory name, product model specification, rated voltage, rated frequency and rated power.

Secondly, look at whether the power cord of lamps has CCC safety certification mark, and the cross-sectional area of external conductor should be ≥ 0.75mm²

Thirdly, look at if the charged body of the lamp is exposed. After the light source is installed in the lamp holder, the finger should not touch the charged metal lamp holder.

4.LED panel lights

LED panel lights are also called LED flat lights. LED panel light is a high-grade indoor lighting fixture, its outer frame is made of aluminum alloy by anodic oxidation, the light source is LED, the whole design of the lamp is beautiful and simple. Not only have good lighting effect, LED panel lights can also bring people the feeling of beauty. The LED panel lamp has a unique design. After passing through the light guide plate with high light transmittance, it forms a uniform flat light-emitting effect, with good uniformity of illumination, soft light, comfort and brightness, which can effectively relieve eye fatigue. LED panel lights can also prevent radiation and will not irritate the skin of pregnant women, the elderly and children.

5.LED strip

Led strip refers to assembling LED on a ribbon-shaped FPC (Flexible Circuit Board) or PCB board, which is named after its product shape like a ribbon. Because of its long service life (generally, the normal service life is between 80,000 and 100,000 hours), energy saving and environmental protection, it has gradually emerged in various decoration industries.

6.LED tube

LED tube is also commonly known as fluorescent tube, and its light source uses LED as luminous body. Traditional fluorescent tubes, also known as fluorescent lamps, have a filament at each end. The tubes are filled with a small amount of argon and thin mercury vapor, and the inner wall of the tubes is coated with fluorescent powder. When the gas between the two filaments conducts electricity, it emits ultraviolet rays, which makes the fluorescent powder emit visible light. Led tubes have many advantages and are generally used for general lighting, office buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, schools, homes, factories and other indoor lighting.

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