LED Explosion Proof Lighting

LED Explosion Proof Lighting Solution

If you’re in a dangerous location and you’re looking for a better lighting solution, you might be interested in an LED explosion proof light. It’s a great option for dangerous locations like petrochemical processing facilities, water treatment plants, warehouses, and manufacturing lines. If you want to increase the reliability and safety of your lighting system and reduce operating costs, LED explosion proof lights are the perfect solution for hazardous locations.

LED Explosion Proof Lighting

What is LED explosion proof lighting

LED explosion-proof lighting refers to lamps that take various specific measures to prevent the ignition of surrounding explosive mixtures, such as explosive gas environments, explosive dust environments. One of the very important explosion-proof principles of these lights is to limit the temperature of the surface in contact with explosive gases and explosive dust, and to limit the temperature of the contact surface below its minimum ignition temperature.

Requirements of explosion proof lighting

If you are a contractor working in a hazardous area, you may need to be familiar with the requirements for explosion proof LED lighting. The National Electric Code outlines the classification of potentially hazardous materials and the maximum operating temperatures for electrical equipment. Inflammable liquids, combustible dust, and flammable gases may all be present in such environments. This means that you must protect employees and property by choosing light fixtures that are explosion proof. When choosing LED explosion-proof lighting, there are generally the following requirements.

  1. LED chips with high brightness, high luminous efficiency and low light decay. For example, LEDchips packaged by regular channels of brands such as Cree or Osram, and the packaged gold wire, phosphor, insulating glue need to use materials that meet the requirements.
  2. The lens of explosion-proof LED lighting is also important because it refracts light and causes light loss. The lens ratio also affects the final output luminous flux. At present, the lens with better light transmittance can reach more than 93%.

Advantages of LED explosion proof lighting

LED explosion proof lighting is becoming increasingly popular because of its long life, energy efficiency, and portability. Increasingly, these lights are replacing incandescent bulbs for many applications. Manufacturers have also improved their packaging with more energy-efficient materials, such as PVC and aluminum. The advantages of LED lighting are numerous, but here are three that may interest you:

Firstly, environmentally-friendly

The lights contain no mercury and can be recycled.And they are also very efficient and do not increase in temperature. This makes LED explosion-proof lights a preferred choice in dangerous environments. The LED explosion-proof made of  Billionaire lighting are available in various sizes to meet your needs. For more specific solutions, you can consider customized explosion-proof models.

Secondly, Fire and explosion proof

LED explosion-proof lights are protected against sparks due to their low current. In addition, they can be placed in dangerous locations such as mines, warehouses, and oil refineries  without fear of fire or explosion.

Thirdly, Strong and durable

LED explosion-proof lights are not easy to damage due to electrical shocks and electrical fires. In addition to being durable, these lights have long-lasting lifespan. They are corrosion-resistant, waterproof, and wear-resistant. The design ensures consistent performance over their lifespan.

Types of LED light for explosion proof lighting

Explosion-proof LED lights are mainly used for industrial lighting. According to the installation method, they are divided into two categories: fixed explosion-proof LED lights and portable explosion-proof LED lights.

  1. Fixed explosion-proof LED light

The design power of the fixed explosion-proof LED lamp is in the range of 3 × 3W ~ 120W. The installation method is mostly used for ceiling installation, wall installation and high-power street lamps.

  1. Portable Explosion Proof LED Light

Portable explosion-proof LED lights are commonly found in explosion-proof LED flashlights. Because LED has the characteristics of high brightness, low power consumption, long lifespan and small size, it is an ideal light source for explosion-proof flashlights. Portable explosion-proof LED lights are mainly suitable for mobile lighting in various explosion-proof places.

What is best LED lights for explosion proof light

High-quality LED explosion-proof lights generally have the following characteristics. If you want to know more, read on.

  1. The shell is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, and the surface is high-voltage electrostatic spray;
  2. Adopt high-strength impact-resistant transparent cover, prismatic anti-glare design;
  3. The exposed fasteners are made of stainless steel with high anti-corrosion performance, and the explosion-proof performance is reliable;
  4. High protection design. Adopt high-humidity, aging-resistant silicone rubber sealing ring;
  5. Adopt high-purity aluminum reflector, anodized.
  6. High light efficiency, high color rendering, long life;
  7. Special constant current power supply, low power consumption, constant output power, with open circuit, short circuit, overheating protection functions, to ensure the reliable work of the light source;
  8. Special heat dissipation structure design, reliable heat dissipation performance, to ensure long life of lamps;
  9. Wide voltage input, constant luminous flux output, can start instantly.

How much does LED explosion proof light cost

The price of LED explosion-proof lights is affected by performance and materials. And the price of lamps is associated with the product type. According to the production process and processing of different manufacturers, the wholesale and retail prices of products will also be different. When purchasing, you can consider regular specialty stores or larger LED manufacturers.

Choose reliable LED explosion proof light supplier

When purchasing LED explosion-proof lights, look for a reliable supplier. To ensure the safety of lights, select a supplier that is certified by IECEx. IECEx is the abbreviation of the International Electrotechnical Commission’s explosion-proof electrical product certification system, which refers to the certification of electrical equipment specially used in the petroleum, chemical and other industrial sectors that may accumulate explosive gases, dust or fibers and other explosion dangerous places.

Billionaire Lighting is a high-tech enterprise specializing in LED lighting. It independently develops and produces LED lights for various purposes. Our LED explosion proof lights are CE certified and have been rigorously tested.

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