How to Choose A Good LED Panel Light Manufacturer or Supplier

How to Choose A Good LED Panel Light Manufacturer or Supplier?

LED panel lights are more and more popular in the market now because of its exclusively advantage, more and more LED lights seller or end user has experienced the energy saving and comfort of LED panel light.But facing the fierce competition of LED lights market,it is important to choose a good LED panel light manufacturer or supplier for LED panel light distributor.Then comes this question,How to choose a good LED panel light manufacturer or supplier?

First, check if the LED panel light has related certificates: when led light distributor sourcing or comparing LED panel light manufacturer,they should check if the LED panel light has relative certificates,such as UL,DLC,SAA,CE etc.If you got UL,DLC,SAA certificate for corresponding LED panel light,then you can trust its quality.If you have seen a CE certificate for LED panel light issued by UN-know third party,then you should pay attention to it.We have heard thousands of refuse to import from local custom because of these UN-know third party issued CE certificates.If you have a LED panel light sample on hand or you have chance to touch it by your hands,check if the raw material and art working good or not.

Second, check the manufacturers’ production scale: before you decide to place an order for LED panel light,you should arrange a factory visit by yourself or your trusted friend. Checking manufacturer’s manufacturing capacity and whether they can deliver your goods on time, whether they can sign an official purchasing contract. Besides, please pay attention to their staff numbers, their office or workshop environment,whether they are strictly carry out quality management system and arranging test before final production etc.

Third, After-sales service:Frankly speaking no one want to involve with after sale service,but it is necessary. Choose LED panel light manufacturers that will able to take responsibility for any defective product, and whatever problem caused by manufacturer, manufacturer should provide free replacement or refund.

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