50pcs 70w economical LED standing light for school in Mirdiff, Dubai

Project Time: January 2022

Project Location: Mirdiff, Dubai

Product Used: FS0005 70W UGR 19 floor standing light for GBEM Dubai school

Qty: 50pcs

Features: Inheriting classic design, rich texture.Typical value is 130LM/W, flicker free, knob dimming, 50% direct and 50% indirect synchronous dimming control, UGR 19.

50pcs 70w economical LED standing light for school in Mirdiff, Dubai

Case Background

GBEM Dubai School was established in September 2005. It provides professional education from foundation stage to Year 6. This is an outstanding school in Mirdif that offers a UK National System curriculum, taught by UK-trained and experienced teachers, each of whom strives to create a motivated and child-centred learning environment for children. In September 2021, Mohammed, the principal of GBEM school, decided to improve the lighting environment for students.He planned to purchase a batch of smart eye protection lamps which can upgrade the traditional panel lighting to more healthy and comfortable floor lamp lighting.

Case process

On October 17, 2021, Jessica received a purchase request from the school, for the reason that FS0005 economical eye protection floor lamp we released on our LinkedIn account attracted Mohammed’s attention. After repeated communication and confirmation, 3 FS0005 floor lamp samples were successfully delivered to GBEM school on 23rd November. After 1 month of use test, FS0005 was well received by the teachers and students. On 15th January this year, GBEM School officially signed an order for 50PCS floor lamps with us. At present, these lamps have all been used, improving the classroom lighting environment.

Case results

Before the lighting upgrade, the illuminance of GBEM school classrooms was lower, and the illuminance of desks was generally insufficient which can easily hurt the eyes. After the lighting upgrade, the illuminance and illuminance uniformity of the classroom are far better than the national standard, and the light is softer; all floor lamps are designed with anti-glare with UGR<19; the color temperature can be adjusted in the range of 3000K~6000K, which can effectively improve the learning efficiency.

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