50pcs 1×4 ft waterproof LED panel Light for hotel bathroom in Newyork, United States

Project Time: June 2015

Project Location: Newyork, United States

Product Used: 1×4 ft ip64 waterproof LED panel lights

Qty: 50pcs

Features: energy saving, IP64 waterproof and protection grade, low-glare with even light distribution, lighting efficiency up to 100lm/w, 5 years warranty.

50pcs 1x4 ft waterproof LED panel Light for hotel bathroom in Newyork, United States

Case Background

Billionaire Lighting got a requirement on 28th April, 2015. It’s a newly built hotel and the client plan to use all LED lamps but not the fluorescent lamps. He wanted to utilise a light fitting with a clean modern finish, excellent light output and also to a focus on energy efficiency. The client highlighted the importance of energy consumption reduction given the long hours of operation and the external environment made it difficult for maintenance. Especially the client want the LED lamps which will be installed in the bathrooms need to be high IP grade to reach waterproof goals.

Case Review

To reach the client’s waterproof and high energy efficient rate requirement, Billionaire Lighting’s LED panels were installed and use half the energy also with IP64 high IP protect grade. 50pcs 1x4ft LED panels were fitted for their low profile surface mount in the bathroom area of all guest rooms. The panels have low-glare flow moulded lensing to maximise reflective illumination and provides an even dispersal of light, resulting in a smooth light output. Also they do not accumulate dust or grime and nowhere for insects to gain access which made them the perfect choice for the fitout.

The Results

With the retailer operating in excess of 93 hours a week, the energy savings will achieve a 60% reduction in energy costs. Billionaire Lightingt utilises high quality LED chips supporting 50,000 hours and come with the 5 Year warranty. The most important point is after the panel lights have been installed in the bathroom, they are all working very well. The client is delighted with the light output and realised a reduction in the regular energy bill.

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