36pcs dimming home floor standing lamp for small office lighting project in Germany

Project Time: 17th March, 2020

Project Location: Germany

Client Contact: Michael Woures

Product Used: Home office floor standing light

Qty: 36 pcs

Features: Knob type resistance dimming, with economic and simple wiring maintenance; double sided luminous design; high light transmittance PMMA, 90% light transmittance maximize the luminance of lamps.

36pcs dimming home floor standing lamp for small office lighting project in Germany

Case background

At March of 2020, we received an inquiry from a client who is a light planer fro high-end office building projects. He happened to have an office project that the client wanted to renovate, but this time the client didn’t want to renovate it in an old-fashioned traditional style, because he felt that the traditional office decoration style was too monotonous and rigid, which seriously affected the work efficiency and passion of employees. It’s easy to get tired in such an environment. His idea was to add a home element to the renovation process, making employees feel more relaxed and productive.

Case review

Our engineer has a general understanding of the customer’s needs for lamps, so we recommend our home office floor lamp to him, it has a very intelligent brightness control method, and sensor control functions. The super stable brightness for a whole day makes one feel comfortable all day long. After getting the customer’s clear intention, we raised the questions related to the products that were quoted, so as to facilitate a more professional and accurate quotation, and also to show the professionalism to the customer. After the customer replied on 29th, we provided a quotation on the same day. Two days later, the customer replied that they were very interested and hoped to cooperate. Then we sent PI for the order amount of 36pcs and waiting for the prepayment. 2 days later, the prepayment arrived on March 17th .

Case results

A good lighting design will greatly improve the office comfort of employees, thereby improving work efficiency and bringing higher output. The home office floor lamp adopts up and down lighting design, the light shines on the ceiling and then diffuses down, evenly distributed in the room. Using this “indirect” lighting method, the light is softer and less irritating to the human eye, and it can also make people feel relaxed to a certain extent.

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