180pcs up & down lighting panel light for shopping mall in Dortmund, Germany

Project Time: 3rd Sep, 2019

Project Location: Dortmund, Germany

Product Used: 30% up lighting & 70% down lighting LED panel light 600x1200mm

Qty: 180pcs

Features: Scientific optical structure design, 30% upward light emission and 70% downward light emission, which can create a brighter and more comfortable lighting space; The thinnest thickness is only 10mm, the outer frame is stable and durable .

180pcs up & down lighting panel light for shopping mall in Dortmund, Germany

Case background

As part of the sustainability plan, LP shopping mall which located in Dortmund recently completed a project to upgrade the lighting system from traditional downlights to high-energy-saving low-maintenance and up & down lighting panel lights provided by Billionaire Lighting. Not only has this project improved the mall’s lighting environment, it is expected to save $5,000 to $6,000 annually in energy and maintenance costs.

Case review

We gave a reasonable price as soon as we received customer inquiries from Global Sources. The customer decided to place an order soon after receiving the quotation. In response, we sent the customer proforma invoice. The whole process from giving the quotation to signing the contract was smooth. Later, due to customers’ new requirements for shipping speed, unit price of our panel lights needs to be increased by 2.2 US dollars. Maybe it was a misunderstanding caused by email communication, the customer said to pay us additional $517. Although we are a factory and the profit margin is not large, I feel that the most basic professional ethics do not allow us to overcharge the customer. I clearly indicated to the customer that it is $413.6, not $517. Perhaps our price is competitive enough, or it may be that our attitude makes customers feel the sincerity of our cooperation. Our payment terms are 50% deposit in advance, and the customer readily agrees to pay the full amount.

Case Result

These panel lights have created a good lighting environment for LP shopping mall, allowing customers to have a better visual experience. The panel lights are almost transparent when they are off, in harmony with the environment; when the lights are on, they can achieve a perfect light-emitting ratio of 30% above and 70% below, allowing the suspended panel lights to still smudge upwards, creating a brighter and more comfortable space. The upgraded lighting system is more energy efficient which can reduce operating costs for the company. After installing our up and down lighting panel lights, the sales performance of LP shopping mall increased by 13.78% compared with the previous year.

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