100pcs 70w LED floor standing light for hospital in Hamburg, Germany

Project Time: March 2022

Project Location: Hamburg, Germany

Product Used: 70W Bridgelux Thrive LED chips floor standing light FS0005

Qty: 100pcs office floor light

Features: A natural human-centered lighting experience that uses proprietary technology to fully simulate the spectrum of natural light.Multiple lighting modes, intelligent touch control, high lumens and UGR<19.

100pcs 70w LED floor standing light for hospital in Hamburg, Germany

Case background

The adoption rate of natural light is very important to hospital design. According to one study, “patients who can see trees in outdoor gardens from their windows need 30% less medication and recover 30% faster than those who can only see a brick wall directly.” Based on this background, KBM Hospital in Hamburg, Germany has been trying to improve the lighting environment of the hospital in recent years, trying to create a healthy lighting experience through more soft and comfortable lighting close to natural light.


In March 2022, after fully studying the needs of users, we designed the Bridgelux Thrive light source FS0005 floor lamp solution for the KBM hospital lighting project. Bridgelux Thrive light sources use proprietary technology to fully simulate the spectrum of natural light. By comparing the natural spectral rhythm factor with sunlight, the circadian rhythm of the Thrive light source is very similar to natural light, but differs within the tolerance of measurement error. It also illustrates how closely the Thrive mimics natural light sources in terms of visual and non-visual responses and is an ideal solution for human-centric lighting applications. In addition to the advantages of the light source, the FS0005 floor lamp also precisely matches the lighting needs of the KBM hospital in terms of aesthetics and practicability.

Due to the small scale of KBM hospital and the order demand is only 100 sets, the advantage of this project to us is actually not great. However, considering the long-term cooperation and follow-up development, our business team finally delivered this order perfectly. At present, these floor lamps have been used in many scenarios such as the inpatient department and pharmacy of KBM Hospital, which has greatly improved the lighting environment of the hospital.

If you are looking for high end and natural lighting fixtures for hospital lighting, our newly designed led floor standing light would be a good choice for you, please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] for a customized quotation.