100pcs 70w eye protection floor standing lamp for art museum lighting in Paris, France

Project Time: 17th March,2022

Project Location: Paris, France

Product Used: FS0008 LED floor standing lamp

Qty: 100PCS

Features: Imported PMMA guide plate, Micro-prismatic UGR 19 diffuser, 50% direct & 50 indirect lighting , the appearance adopts superb electrostatic powder spraying technology.

100pcs 70w eye protection floor standing lamp for art museum lighting in Paris, France

Case background

LZJ Art Museum is a modern public welfare art museum established solely by the American artist LZJ and his wife living in France. Located in Paris, the Art Museum is an art complex modern building integrating permanent exhibitions, temporary exhibition halls, multi-functional halls, concert halls and various service facilities. In March 2022, Billionaire Lighting and LZJ Art Museum reached an LED lighting cooperation to improve the audience experience and exhibition effect.

Case review

Customer K’s inquiry came from Ali. Before contacting us, K has consulted 2 LED lighting suppliers. K told us that most of the exhibits in LZJ Art Museum are modern works with rich colors. Therefore, in the lighting design of the museum, he hopes to show the real colors to the audience to convey the author’s emotions. “The people who come to visit our art museum generally have a higher level of art appreciation. They have their own standards and certain requirements for aesthetics, and they have stronger requirements for the experience of visual comfort.”

According to K’s request, we had a video conference with the R & D team. After discussion, we unanimously decided on the FS0008 floor lamp solution. High color rendering and healthy light-emitting design are important reasons for K to choose this light. It adopts the structure design of 50% up lighting + 50% down lighting, and the light efficiency can reach 100LM/W. The whole lamp has a linear design with a simple and elegant appearance, which can not only provide comfortable lighting, but also an artistic embellishment. After several times of communication, K placed a sample order to us. While the sample test got a satisfactory result, K and us reached a deal for 100pcs floor standing lamps.

Case result

The floor lamp has received good feedback after being used in the art museum, which not only improves the lighting effect of the hall, but also plays a role in decorating the environment. K told us that he had been intended to introduce other customers to us the next days. We think this is the best commendation of our product.

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