LED Classroom Lighting Solution

Before you purchase a LED light for your classroom, you should learn the advantages of using these lights. LED lights are a smart investment for the educational sector, as they minimize glare and save cost. In addition to that, they increase students’ energy levels, boost their motivation, and improve their sleep cycles. In short, the proper lighting improves students’ performance on school tests, attendance, and attitude. So, why would you want to invest in LED lighting for your classroom?

LED Classroom Lighting

What is LED classroom lighting

A simple understanding of LED classroom lighting is the lamps used for school indoor lighting. LED classroom lighting can be composed of a variety of lighting categories, such as tube lights, panel lights, linear lights, etc.

LED classroom lighting is a popular choice among schools and educational facilities. These lights can be used to replace common fluorescent tube fixtures and battens, and they can also be used outdoors. LED-based lighting can eliminate 95% of the maintenance that comes with fluorescent tube fixtures, while still producing a high-quality light output. Moreover, LED lights are very energy-efficient, making them a great choice for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Requirements of classroom lighting

As a special indoor lighting place, the classroom has special requirements for the selection of lamps. Classroom lighting has a great impact on students’ vision health. The difference in spectrum and light intensity of different color temperature will also affect the circadian rhythm of students, making them excited or fatigued. Color temperature will affect learning efficiency and physical health. Therefore, classroom lighting lamps should not only consider the color temperature of the light source and the impact of illumination on students, but also pay special attention to the spectral safety of the light source.

  1. The lighting design value of the desktop or floor of the classroom should not be lower than the corresponding regulations, the uniformity of illumination should not be lower than 0.7 and no glare.
  2. The classroom blackboard should be equipped with local lighting, the average illuminance should not be lower than 500lx, and the illuminance uniformity should not be lower than 0.8.
  3. It is suitable for the light source with color temperature of 3300K-5500K, and the color rendering index of the light source should not be less than 80.

Advantages of LED classroom lighting

Situational Lighting

One of the main benefits of LED classroom lighting is to create a versatile learning environment. Its precision allows precise control of lighting levels for a variety of purposes, and different color temperature can create a variety of scene lighting. For example, cool white bright light can improve short-term attention and alertness. Students, especially younger ones, often have difficulty concentrating in the early morning, but LED classroom lights can help counteract these situations. For example, when a student is drowsy, the teacher can adjust the LED light to a cool white light to refresh the mind. In addition, teachers can also dim the lights to prevent glare during PPT presentations.

High efficiency

Compared to fluorescent lighting, LED classroom lighting is more durable and can be customized by teachers. LED lights mimic natural sunlight, which improves student cognition and helps them adjust to nighttime. LED lighting systems also save on utilities, since they use fewer lamps. Moreover, high-efficiency LED bulbs are highly effective in producing bright, consistent illumination. The benefits of LED lighting go far beyond the cost-saving benefits. You can also make your classroom environment safer with high-efficiency LEDs.

No flicker& eye protection

Using LED classroom lighting can help students improve their performance academically. The LED lights are easy to control and have many advantages over traditional lights. They are also less likely to flicker, so the students aren’t distracted by the light. Not only do they improve overall classroom safety, but LED classroom lighting also reduce eyestrain and other problems associated with traditional lighting. Changing to LED lights in your school is a wise investment, which could save your school millions of dollars over the long run.

Types of LED light for classroom lighting

The rate of short sight among students has been increasing in recent years. Lighting is one of the main causes of poor eyesight. Uneven lighting in traditional classrooms, and substandard illumination on desktops and blackboards, these are easily overlooked situations that affect students’ vision health. Therefore, we must consider eye protection and energy saving when choosing LED classroom lights.

In order to create a more comfortable and green classroom lighting environment for students, we designed LED linear lights and UGR<19 panel lights for school classrooms. These classroom LED lights have the characteristics of no flickering, no blue light hurt, low light decay and long lifespan. The LED panel lights can light up and down, and the linear lights are bright and uniform.

Decide color temperature for LED classroom light

When buying LED lights for your classroom, you will find that there are many different colour temperatures to choose from. However, a crucial factor when deciding on LED lighting is the color temperature. This refers to the light’s perceived color, measured in Kelvin degrees. Generally, the lower the number, the warmer the light will be. However, the higher the number, the cooler it will be.

Consider the purpose of the light in your classroom. Generally speaking, a classroom should be bright and have a color temperature of around 4000K. The color temperature of classroom panel lights and linear lights we produce and develop can be adjusted between 3000K and 6000K.

How much does LED classroom lighting cost

Schools are on a budget, so you can understand why installing LED lights in your school is an excellent idea. LED lights produce no glare and last much longer than fluorescent bulbs, which means schools will save a lot of money on maintenance and utilities. The cost savings also allows your maintenance staff to focus on more important tasks. LED lights also produce a brighter illumination, which helps students perform better in class. For actual cost of each LED classroom right, that depends on your requirements. Generally speaking, you paid for what you got.

Choose reliable LED classroom lighting supplier

To find a reliable LED classroom lighting supplier, there are two key factors in choosing the right LED lighting supplier for your needs.

First, you should check the company’s financial strength.

In addition, visit the company’s factory if possible.

If you have interests in our LED classroom lighting products, please feel free to contact us by email: [email protected] at any time.