Different types of office lighting and which one is best for you

Recently, ergonomics research has found that if there are better lighting facilities in the office, employees will be happier and more efficient at work. 80% of employees think that office lighting is very important to them. At present, finding the best office lighting solution has become the primary task of the design team and office decoration. The following tips will tell you how to choose lighting in office design!

Office lighting and productivity

The type of light that employees are exposed to not only affects their mood, circadian rhythm and health, but also their productivity and creativity. There are many interesting studies around the nature of the environment, which affect your brain’s ability to perceive and operate in different ways. Being surrounded by lights can make people more creative.

Proper lighting can make you in the best state, for example, when you are tired, you can get enough rest and make you full of energy. But too dim light will make your eyes tired and make you feel sleepy. On the other hand, too bright lights can cause dazzling effects on your eyes, disturb your sleep, and cause migraine symptoms. If your brain is working hard, it will lead to fatigue and weaken your creativity and productivity.

LED panel light and fluorescent lamp

In recent years, LED panel lamps have been favored by people as an energy-saving alternative to fluorescent lamps. Although LED panel lamps may be slightly more expensive than fluorescent lamps, it will save a lot of costs for the company in the long run when used in offices. This is because LED panel lamps usually have a longer life than fluorescent lamps, and they don’t use excess energy in the form of infrared radiation like fluorescent lamps.

LED lights are also good for employees’ health. Although fluorescent lamps are unlikely to cause migraines, the trigger symptoms of migraines are prescient. As employees usually stay in the office after sunset, fluorescent lamps can also interfere with sleep patterns by inhibiting melatonin production. On the other hand, LED lights can usually be dimmed to match the time of day and season, and become an option to make employees healthier.

Color and temperature of office lighting

The color and temperature of office lighting should change according to the function of the space. The correct amount of light and the effects of different spectra and light intensities on health are very important, and they are also factors that we consider in the design scheme.

Generally speaking, warm light are more suitable for relaxation, while cold white light are more conducive to work, waking up and concentrating. If possible, the temperature and color of the lights should change according to the time of day. In the morning, the light should be bright and cool to help employees stay alert and focused. As the time goes by, the lighting gets warmer and helps employees relax.

If you want to make the office lighting brighter and improve the efficiency of employees, we suggest that you choose high-quality LED panel lights or linear lights in your office lighting design. If it is a design company or a job with high requirements for light, you can also choose to use the minimalist floor standing lamp of business style introduced by Billionaire Lighting. We have more than 10 years of experience in LED industry, focusing on commercial office lighting. Please feel free to contact us by [email protected] if you have any inquiries.