Contrasting Differences between LED Panel Lights & Fluorescent Tube Lamps

Contrasting Differences between LED Panel Lights & Fluorescent Tube Lamps

Both Light emitting diodes and fluorescent lights are providing different lighting options. Both have numerous numbers of different applications. Both of these have a great light spread range due to which these lights can be seen in warehouses, outdoor and general room lighting. Actually the buyers do not have the general understanding of differences between the two technologies which usually accepts the decisions. Definitely if you will not have the enough knowledge about these two you will take wrong decisions. Both fluorescent lighting system and LED panel lighting system are entirely using different type of technologies. We will give you a knowledgeable comparison between the two different technologies.

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes)

This technology was firstly developed in 1962. It is using “light emitting diode” which is a semi-conductor. This material has dual characteristics of both electrically conductive and a insulative material. These LED lights can emit a broad spectrum of light colors. The broadness of the spectrum is directly proportional to the composition of material used in semi-conductor. LED lights are not emitting significant amount of heat.

Fluorescent Lamps

This technology was first experimented in 18th century. It is made up of mercury vapor and a phosphor coating on the inside. When electric current passes through the tube it instigates the mercury vapor which causing it to emit ultra-violet light. After the emission the phosphor coating in the fluorescent light will absorb the ultra violet light and it re-emit it in the form of visible lighting. These fluorescent lights are usually coming in long glass tubes. Due to the involvement of mercury in its production it is very much hazardous waste as it is difficult to dispose it off properly.

Major points of differentiation b/w LED Panel Lights and Fluorescent Lamps are following:


LED pan el lights are very much efficient in comparison with fluorescent lamps. Efficiency usually measures with the lumens per watt. The results show that fluorescent lamps are not showing good results.


Lifespan of LED panel lights have a larger lifespan in comparison with fluorescent lighting. The basic advantage of larger lifespan of LED lighting is due to the less emission of heat whereas the fluorescent lamps are using the technology which emits more heat which is not enabling them to have a larger working life.


LED lights are usually much smaller than the traditional size of fluorescent lights. LED lights usually take smaller space and their installation is ease. LED panel lights can also be replaced whenever it is required where as fluorescent lamps are not giving the users this advantage.

Cost Reduction

Due to multiple comparative advantages LED panel lights are reducing your cost whereas you need to replace the fluorescent lamps frequently. At the time of purchasing probably LED lights will cost you more than fluorescent lights but in the long run LED panel lights will be more beneficial especially concerning the rising economical trends of the country.