LED Parking Lot Lighting

LED Parking Lot Lighting Solution

If you are considering installing LED parking lot lighting, here’s a guide that will help you understand the basics. You’ll learn what LED parking lot lighting is, what it does for parking lots, and the different types of LED lights available. After reading this guide, you’ll be ready to make your own purchase. Whether you’re looking to replace outdated parking lot lights or want to upgrade your current fixtures, you’ll have a much easier time making an informed decision.

LED Parking Lot Lighting

What is LED parking lot lighting?

Parking is an inevitable product of modern urban development. Due to the large traffic flow, long lighting time and high safety requirements , electricity and maintenance fees are the main costs of parking lot operations. Intelligent control and energy-saving benefits of parking lot lighting are very important. LED parking lot lighting with environment friendly design concept and excellent cost performance, greatly improves practical application value of the parking lot lighting.

In contrast to traditional lamps, LED parking lot LED lights are better performing, so you’ll save money while maintaining a well-lit parking lot. They also improve visibility for drivers. A poorly-lit parking lot can lead to an accident. If you have a parking lot with low-quality light, you’ll need to replace it soon.

What are the advantages of LED parking lot lighting?

A few advantages of LED parking lot lighting are outlined below.

Energy efficient

Parking lot LED lights are energy efficient, consuming up to 60 percent less energy than traditional alternatives. They can also be controlled to eliminate dark areas while providing just the right amount of light. They are also more durable and resistant to environmental changes. To learn more, read on.

Splicing installation

No matter it is a new installation or modification of the parking lot, when installing these LED parking lot lights, there is no need for re-planning and wiring, and it is only necessary to carry out convenient installation and debugging on the basis of the original lines and facilities. At the same time, the light bodies of most LED parking lot lights can be seamlessly spliced, which is beautiful and practical.

Safe and reliable design

Most LED parking lot lights adopt constant current isolation drive circuit, which makes the lamps safer and more reliable, and prolongs the LED light decay period and lifespan. The lamp adopts advanced frequency conversion constant current chip, which can keep the lighting system stable and reliable when the input voltage is unstable. In addition, the circuit of these lamps is designed as a micro-power circuit, and the standby power consumption is less than or equal to 0.5W.

Reduce costs

LED parking lot lights consume less power than ordinary lamps that require several kilowatts. By replacing existing traditional lighting systems to LED parking lot lights , we can save tens of thousands of dollars a year in electricity bills. Because of stable product performance and excellent lamp body material, these parking lot LED lights will save maintenance costs for enterprises.

Requirements of LED parking lot lighting

Comparing the commercial indoor parking lot with the residential civil parking lot, the illumination requirement is higher than that of the civil parking lot, and the average illumination can not be lower than 50 lux. The parking lot is mostly built in the basement and needs 24 hours lighting. Due to the long lighting time, high-efficiency and energy-saving, LED parking lot light is selected, which has a long lifespan and a low light decay light source and can reduce the workload of post-maintenance. The specific brightness requirement depends on the actual environment of the underground parking lot.

Decide right color temperature for parking lot light

Before choosing the right lighting system for your parking lot, you must decide on the appropriate color temperature. Color temperature is determined by the Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), which is a measure of the hue of light. This measurement can be either warm or cool. Warm light is generally less than 3500K while cool light is higher than 4500K. Most parking lots will require lighting with a color temperature of between 3500K and 5000K.

What is best LED lights for parking lot lighting

When deciding on which LEDs to purchase for your parking lot, consider the color temperature and CRI. CRI measures the accuracy of a light source in reproducing the color of natural sunlight. BR-CL1226 LED linear lights have a much higher CRI than traditional lighting. In addition to this, BR-CL1226 parking lot LED linear lights have the following notable features:

  1. Strong aluminum end caps, no screws visible;
  2. Anti-glare with PMMA micro-prismlens for eye-protecting;
  3. UGR<22
  4. Optimized profile structure, easier for seamless connection,saves 80% time on installation.
  5. High efficacy, High CRl, Smooth dimmable performance;
  6. Widely using both on household lighting and commercialbuilding lighting.Such as office, super market, work shop, parking lot, school, hospital, bank,warehouse etc.

How much does LED parking lot light cost?

Considering the benefits of LED lighting, business owners are increasingly switching over to this type of lighting. The high energy efficiency and lumen maintenance of LEDs make them the go-to choice for parking lot lighting. LEDs also have a long life expectancy, so they will keep 90% of their original brightness for many years. So, if you’re wondering, “how much does LED parking lot lighting cost?”, consider the pros and cons of LEDs and their benefits.

One factor to consider is the amount of light each individual LED bulb produces. Parking lot lights typically have a lumen per watt of 130 – which is the same as traditional LEDs. Also, look for a DLC qualification for your LED, which means it’s quality. Consider the color temperature of your LED lights, too. Blue-hued lights are more visible, while red-hued ones are less harsh and more aesthetically pleasing. So the actual cost is indeed depends on your needs.

How to choose reliable LED parking lot light supplier

LED Linear lights are widely used in interior lighting design. However, how to choose a parking lot light supplier requires some knowledge.

  1. Power

The power supply is one of the three main components of the LED linear light, and the power supply has the function of “heart”. With a reliable power supply, these LED parking lot lights can be used with confidence for 8-10 years.

  1. Light source

LEDs are low power consumption light sources. When purchasing, you must not only ask about LED chip brand, but also which factory packaged it. The price of chips of the same brand and the packaging technology of different manufacturers are totally different. Commonly used are mainstream specifications such as 2835, 5050 3014, LED chips, and the color temperature is 3000K / 4000K / 6000K. China has a complete industry, and the chain can fully meet the market demand.

  1. Appearance

A company that can make a good appearance will definitely win a lot of praise and gain a lot of fans.

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