How to Choose the Right Color Temperature for Home and Office LED Lights

How to Choose the Right Color Temperature for Home and Office LED Lights 

If you are an ordinary homeowner or a lighting designer then you are probably look for the right color temperature for home or office LED lights. The color temperature plays a significant role in the ambiance of the space which is why it is important to choose the right color temperature. In this post, the best tips will be provided to help you choose the right color temperature for LED lights.

What is color temperature?

The color temperature is used for describing the color shading of the light that is given off. The term is used in science and physics for the temperature of a hot glowing black body radiation. You probably might be thinking that how come the higher color temperature is described as being a cooler color while the lower color temperature is thought of as warm. The fact is that the color temperature is measured in degrees of Kelvin on a scale of 1000 to 10,000.

How to choose the correct color temperature for home and office LED lights

The LED light color temperature has been assigned using the basis of CCT (correlated color temperature). Daylight, cool white and warm white are the three types of colors. People will have a different feeling towards a different color temperature. As an example, the warm white might make people feel warm. The color temperature of the LED lighting is chosen on the basis of the ambience that is to be created.


Normally, it is said that 70 percent of the LED lamps need to be 2700K – 3500K. It is what a normal incandescent would look like. Any lower color temperatures should not be considered. It is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, the kitchen and dining room.


For rooms that are less cozy such as the gym, game room or office, the 4500K – 5000K is ideal. It helps create a much cooler environment while allowing the occupants to be more alert. Rooms will appear brighter since concentration would be needed.


Normally, a color temperature of 6000K – 6500 K does not need to be used unless there is a critical task that needs to be performed in the room such as a hobby room, garage or shop. However, there is nothing wrong with opting for temperatures that are 5000K or under.

Exterior lighting

Now, the exterior lighting depends on how you would like to feel. If you want a more homely look than 3000K should be used. However, for a less inviting look, 3500K should be great. As an example, LED flood lights can be used to light plants in the backyard. LED lighting is perfectly energy efficient as compared to their traditional counterparts. They help save you many costs such as electricity bills and more.

Different LED lights can be used for different spaces to create the intended ambience that is required for the area. There is a difference between the color temperature for a home and an office.